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The All Square 2017 Golf Ball Guide

The golf ball industry has been in the news a lot lately. Tiger certainly helped that with the announcement that he’s been secretly playing Bridgestone for years. Also Bubba is now using Volvik balls. What do you use? Should you think about changing? Here’s what’s out there. Golf balls make up around 20% of all […]

The world through the lens of The Open Champion

Henrik ‘The Iceman’ Stenson had an outstanding 2016 season. Winning The Race to Dubai and his first major championship title made it a vintage year for the Swede. Well he’s capitalising on his hot streak and launching Henrik Stenson Eyewear. It’s part of his signature style, that steely look with the shades is Henrik through […]

Friday Gear- The New ‘M’ Drivers Arrive

TaylorMade are certainly finishing this year on a high. The M family of drivers are the most used drivers on tour and recent big signings have drawn a lot of attention. Nike’s top athletes moving to TaylorMade has caused a big stir and been great for the company. The most used drivers on tour Tiger Woods […]

Friday Gear – The Wilson Triton Driver

The brief was simple, aspiring club designers were given the chance to bring their ideas to life with Wilson Staff and the winner would also be rewarded with $500,000. Well for Eric Sillies it was his big break and pay day. He took the prize and the Wilson Triton was born. Wilson announced an open-call […]

Friday Gear – Scotty Cameron

There are a number of names in golf that are regarded as the master-craftsmen. These include Bob Vokey, Roger Cleveland, Katsuhiro Miura and the subject of this article, Scotty Cameron. These men have become synonymous with creating the most incredible pieces of golfing equipment by pushing technological barriers whilst keeping quality at the highest of […]

Friday Gear – Parsons Extreme Golf

What do you get when you cross an Internet billionaire with an obsession for golf and two of the greatest engineers in the sport? A storm of hype and some absolutely beautiful and unique golf clubs. Today’s Friday Gear is about Parsons Extreme Golf (PXG) the new brand making big waves on the PGA Tour. Their […]

Friday Gear: Golphin GFK

Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia are three child prodigies of golf who have gone on to big things. Rory and Tiger appeared on TV shows in their respective home countries as kids and showed off their skills. When young children with these amazing skills come along they are inevitably labelled as highly gifted […]

Discover Valedictorian – The Ultimate Gift for Golfers

Can you think of the best combination of luxury, tradition and high-end golf expertise? Well, that’s exactly what makes Valedictorian the world’s finest putters in golf! These extraordinary handmade customisable putters are designed by Swiss watchmakers and designers based in Geneva. They  offer great performance, feel and consistency. Their materials and finishes are reminiscent of fine timepieces combining […]