Callaway Paradym Fairway Woods, Hybrids & Irons

Start the year with a new set of clubs. Callaway has launched their new Paradym fairway woods, hybrids and irons offering distance, feel and forgiveness.

They were released by Callaway along with the brand’s Paradym, Paradym X, and Paradym Triple Diamond drivers, reviewed here.

Fairway woods

Callaway FW

A forged carbon sole plate in these new woods allows for a huge amount of weight redistribution for more distance and MOI. MOI stands for ‘moment of inertia’ and shows how much resistance a clubhead has to twisting. The more resistance it has, the higher the MOI and the more forgiving the club will be.

Instead of Callaway’s normal Jailbreak technology, the fairway woods use a Jailbreak Batwing structure in the heel and toe that stiffens the perimeter of the club head, allowing the face to flex more, generating higher ball speeds.

Each fairway wood model and loft has its own uniquely AI-designed club face optimised to get the ideal speed, launch and spin for that club. And each club model features between 21 and 25 grams of high-density tungsten in the bottom of the club head to lower the centre of gravity and move it forwards to create better spin and launch conditions.

Paradym – This model will suit the widest range of golfers and abilities with its high launching, neutral ball flight.

Paradym X – This model has a forged carbon toe panel and has a draw bias ball flight. This is also the most forgiving, highest launching of the three models.

Paradym Triple Diamond – This model model has a deeper face and a more compact head shape than the other two, along with a triaxial carbon crown. It’s suited for better golfers who wants a low penetrating ball flight and less spin.



Unlike the Paradym drivers and fairway woods, there are only two options for the irons and hybrids: the standard Paradym model to fit most golfers, and the Paradym X to help players who want extra forgiveness.

The hybrids have a cool cutwave sole design to improve turf interaction, making them able to cope with a variety of lies. Like in the fairway woods, they also have Jailbreak Batwing technology with structures in the heel and toe that stiffen the perimeter of the club head allowing the face to flex more, generating higher ball speeds.

There’s a tungsten-speed cartridge to move the centre of gravity low and forward for lower spin and more ball speed, and an AI-designed Face Cup to optimise ball speeds. These hybrids also feature an adjustable hosel so you can dial in the loft you prefer.

Paradym – This model is for golfers who prefer a compact fairway wood-style shape. It’s the most versatile and offers the most control.

Paradym X – This model has a more oversized shape than the Paradym, and is also more forgiving.


Callaway’s new Paradym irons are all about distance, and they come with a new construction packed with high-tech. The brand says the club face of these new irons, a forged 455 face, is their most powerful ever forged iron face. They also have a hollow body construction with a speed frame for more stiffness, allowing the club face to be thinner which helps increase ball speeds.

Though the primary appeal of these irons is distance, Callaway says they offer great feel. This feel is a combination of the forged face with urethane microspheres which also offers a great sound at impact.

Paradym – This model is for golfers who want a players distance iron with a smaller refined shape and minimal off-set.

Paradym X – These irons are the more forgiving of the two irons, with a more mid-sized shape, wider sole and moderate off-set.

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