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True Spec Golf, the premium brand-agnostic clubfitting company, is setting new standards in clubfitting and has 38 studios around the world including three in Europe.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona and founded in 2014, the company has 31 locations across the United States, three in Australia and one in South Korea. For golfers based in Europe, there are True Spec Golf studios in Geneva, Munich and Paris.

The company strives to offer the ultimate clubfitting experience using the latest launch monitor technology, providing every level of golfer from the highest handicap beginner to the top level professional with clubs that maximize their potential and performance.

True Spec Golf’s clubfitting experience has been validated by PGA and LPGA Tour players, but golfers with handicaps of 15, 20 or even 25 will potentially see even bigger gains in performance.

Every golfer can benefit from custom fitting, regardless of their ability and handicap – our job is to propose the most optimised option and help the progress of every player.

Kris McCormack, True Spec’s VP of Tour and Education

Using their revolutionary Club Conex system, True Spec Golf is able to interchange different combinations of lofts in certain clubheads and flex and launch characteristics in certain shafts in seconds. In fact, the company’s clubfitting matrix stocks more than 50,000 possible combinations of clubheads and shafts.

The company has no allegiance to any manufacturer and has all the leading golf equipment brands so customers are able to try all equipment on a level playing field, while all True Spec Golf’s master fitters go through extensive training to become experts for each manufacturer and product.

Following the fitting process, customers get his or her clubs built to the exact specifications the fitter intended for. To find out more, visit True Spec Golf’s Youtube channel.

True Spec Golf’s fitting process

The first step is an interview that asks the customer about their goals, their game and tendencies, and the clubs they are currently using. The fitter will also blueprint their current clubs, looking in detail at every characteristic such as loft, length and frequency.

Then customers go though the fitting process and performance drills where they will test out a variety of products, finding the best clubhead and shaft combination for them.

Next, the fitter will provide their recommendation for the best combination of clubhead, shaft and grip. Each component is explained and verified using launch monitor data such as ball speed, swing speed, spin rates and launch angles.

The fitter will provide a detailed report which includes their recommended equipment, the prescribed build specifications, and a shot report from the launch monitor data.

Once fitting is completed, every club is then assembled by hand in Scottsdale to the tightest tolerances in the industry. Cutting edge technology and the highest-grade components are used to ensure clubs are built to the exact specifications prescribed during fitting.

We fit players and not products – every golfer coming for a fitting at True Spec will receive personal recommendations according to their swing and data, regardless of the brand of clubs.

Kris McCormack, True Spec’s VP of Tour and Education

Why you should get your clubs fitted

Going to see a clubfitter to get clubs customized for your game will make a huge difference. Clubfitting ensures the length of the clubs are suited to your height as well as the loft, the lie, the shaft, and the grips. Having these adjustments made will allow a golfer to make contact with the ball easier while swinging and have their clubs match their swing style.

For example, the next time you buy a driver there will be various models with different launch and spin characteristics, and you want to find one that delivers your optimal ball flight. A clubfitter like True Spec Golf which uses launch data can analyse the many variables that have a direct correlation to your ball flight, such as clubhead speed, angle of attack and impact location.

Clubfitting has become a huge growth industry in golf in recent years – and for good reason, as a quality clubfitting experience will help to transform your game.

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