Golf Tips by Justin Rose

Justin Rose finally realised his dream of becoming the world’s number one golfer in 2018. These top tips reveal how the 10-time PGA Tour winner climbed to the summit of the sport. 

Watch Justin’s favourite golf tips and you too could see a huge improvement in your game.

How to Pitch?

Justin Rose’s swing coach, Jon Hearn, provides analysis on how he helped to improve Justin’s pitching. He describes how he helped add versatility to Justin’s game, especially around the greens, by concentrating on ball position and the upper body.

Tricks for better green reads

2013 US Open winner Justin has a couple of tips which he uses on the PGA Tour to improve his ability to read greens. He explains why its important to have your feet and eyes working in unison.

How to rip your 3-wood

On the PGA Tour we often see Justin delay at the top of the backswing during his rehearsal swing. He explains how this helps him to stay ‘closed’ in the downswing, which produces more lag and therefore more power.

 How to be a birdie machine

Justin Rose reveals the main improvements he has made to his all-round game, turning him into a birdie machine. Here are his main tips for successful driving, iron play, wedge play and putting.  

Short game tips and philosophies

The 2016 Olympic champion describes how he approaches bunker shots, flop shots and chips, and compares the philosophies of two of golf’s greatest ever short game players, Phil Mickelson and Seve Ballesteros. 

Swing thoughts

As he addresses the ball, Justin has a secret ‘ingredient’ which helps him keep his body moving ahead of the club and stops him from flipping the club face over on impact. 

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