Golf Week’s Cool App Alert: All Square Golf’s Social Approach

ORLANDO, Fla. – All Square is attempting to be the new social network made exclusively for golfers. It makes the golf world seem smaller and allows for golfers to share and be more connected with each other from all around the world.

On Jan. 21, All Square introduced its new iPhone app. It includes features from different social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TripAdvisor, Four Square and other social media networks.

It is free to download and allows golfers from around the world to connect with friends, post comments and upload course photos and videos to a timeline.

Patrick Rahme, co-Founder and CEO of All Square said, “All Square connects the power of people’s love for golf on one free, accessible and engaging social media platform designed exclusively for golfers.”

Golfers using the app can enter every round and course they have played on a global map allowing friends to see where each other have played.

As of today, All Square has 500 courses fully registered, which includes a course description, its address, its website, photos of the course and even be able to book a tee time. More are being added daily and the site lists more than than 20,000.

All Square and its co-founders Rahme and Arthur de Rivoire have partnered with Troon, the world’s largest golf management company, and KPMG, the global professional services, to start the year-old company.

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