Interview with an All Square member – Selwyn Von Grünigen

Every week, we will be interviewing passionate golfers who enjoy using All Square. During this week’s interview, we had a nice conversation with Selwyn Von Grünigen, member of the Luxembourgish national team, who lives in Switzerland and plays at the challenging Kikuoka Golf & Country Club in Luxembourg. Selwyn told us about his golf background, why he is the master of lob shots and his favorite golf destinations.


To start, can you tell us how you first got into golf?

My dad got a chance to get a golf introductory course at a seminar. He liked it, but only wanted to start playing if the whole family joins. When he took us on the range, we all fell in love.

What would make golf more fun?

Introduce a 2nd drive, just like a 2nd serve in tennis. I think people would risk more and crazier scores could happen.

Your funniest golf experience?

I played a casual round with a friend of mine. He is one of those gents that can only play bump ‘n’ roll approaches, never lifts it high up in the air. So he tried to hit this flat approach over a long part over the green with a lot of bumps and breaks and fails miserably. I told him to just take his lob wedge and hit a high soft approach shot to clear out all of the bumpy part of the green. He thought it is impossible and that it is definitely the wrong option. So I took my lob wedge, hit a high soft approach and holed it.

Your top 3 golf destinations?

My three favorite golf destinations are Ireland, Spain and North of Italy.

What is the golf flight of your dreams?

Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Freddy Couples.


How did you first discover All Square?

Patrick Rahme told me about it in the very early stage. I liked the idea, which is why I subscribed immediately.

Complete the sentence: What I like the most about All Square is …

…the neat design and the combination of different aspects in the world of golf.

Your favorite feature on All Square?

The check-in feature.

Have you met new golfers through All Square?

Not yet. I think it will happen, once the android version of the app is available. It is an app that you use after a round of golf on the terrace, not at home on your laptop.


Hitting long drives or sinking long putts?

Long drives

Having the round of your life or make a hole-in-one?

Having the round of my life.

Early morning or late afternoon tee off?

Why not both?

The coolest player on Tour?

Henrik Stenson.

Shelwyn - Interview with an All Square member

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