Mizuno’s new M.Craft OMOI putters

Mizuno has refreshed its range of M.CRAFT putters with the new OMOI range which features a heavier head weight to increase MOI for improved stability. Let’s check them out.

Perhaps best known for producing quality irons, the Japanese manufacturer has now updated its M.Craft putters for golfers who prefer head-heavy, stable putters in classic shapes. This updated range targets the premium end of the market, up against the likes of TaylorMade and Odyssey‘s popular models.

The previous M.CRAFT putters were all about offering golfers increased stability for off-centre hits by adding more weight in the head and increasing MOI. And the new range takes this even further by making the putter heads up to 28 grams heavier than standard. This enhances their stability on off-centre hits even more than compared to the standard M.Craft models introduced two years ago.

The name of this range comes from the Japanese word for ‘passionate thought’ or ‘willpower’ which is ‘omoi’. And this neatly dovetails with the term MOI, or ‘Moment of Inertia’, which is a measure of a club’s resistance to twisting at impact.

To achieve this, weight is distributed more to the head and away from the shaft and grip to change the balance point of the whole club. The idea behind this is to further stabilize the entire club so that it’s easier to swing in a more consistent and uniform way.

The extra mass in these new putter heads comes from a slight thickening to the sole. In addition, these new putters produce better sound and feel through Mizuno’s acoustic profiling known as ‘harmonic impact technology’.

Like the original M.CRAFT line, each putter in the M.CRAFT OMOI range is forged from premium 1025 carbon steel. This is then CNC Milled for precise shaping and alignment. This deep milling on the face is also designed to increase softer feel and better roll, essential for draining putts.

Three styles

The range comes in three different models: two blades and one mallet head, to cover all preferences and putting strokes. 

OMOI 01 is a slant neck weighing 370g with a three-quarter hosel offset and 60 degrees of toe hang. This putter is suited to golfers who have a bigger putting arc.

OMOI 2 is a plumber’s neck blade also weighing 370g with a full-shaft offset and 40 degrees of toe hang. This is suited to golfers with a moderate putting arc.

OMOI 3 is a full mallet which weighs slightly more at 383g, and it’s face-balanced with a double bend shaft. Suited to golfers with a smaller putting arc.


Each model features 8-gram heel and toe weight screws, and a kit which includes extra 3-gram and 13-gram weights that are interchangeable with the 8g fitted as standard. This kit comes at no additional charge.

This means you can adjust the weight in the head of your putter in much the same way as you can in various woods and rescue clubs on the market.

The range is available in three finishes. New Double Nickel, Blue Ion, and Black Ion. There’s also a Black Out option which comes with KBS Tour Black Ion-plated shaft, Lampkin Omoi Sink Fit Pistol grip and a blacked out M.Craft headcover. Each has a premium look and feel, which the Mizuno brand has come to be known for.

These putters will each cost around €325.

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