GolfBoard – Golf Just Got More Fun

When you tell a non-golfer about your love for the great sport they often ask something like ‘oh do you get to drive those cart things?’. The golf cart has become a part of the image of the sport, but one company is on a mission to revolutionise this. Ladies and gentleman, let us introduce you to the GolfBoard. As if golf wasn’t fun enough already!

The GolfBoard is taking the golf world by storm. Watching golfers ‘surf’ between shots just looks like so much fun. However, this is no gimmick, golfboarding is already proving a useful way of combatting some of golfs current issues.

GolfBoard makes golf fun and fast

On the company’s website, they say that the average round of golf on a GolfBoard is just over two and half hours. This is great in the days when slow play is becoming an increasing problem. Golfboarders see more health benefits than those just sitting in a cart too.

When you’re boarding you’re getting some exercise in. It may not be as good for you as walking the course but it’s certainly better than taking the cart. The boards can travel at speeds of up to 10 mph (16 km/h) and you’ve got to use your balance to stay on! Don’t worry though, the boards are so easy to use and in just a few minutes you’ll be out their surfing the course like a pro!

GolfBoards are better for the course


As you can imagine, golf carts are heavy pieces of kit. They aren’t great for the grass on the course, hence why we have cart paths. The small tires have minimal impact on the turf, you get no tire-spin and they can be used in wet conditions. No 90-degree rule here!

Courses with GolfBoards, there are over 200 at the time of writing, are also seeing increased business. People are most definitely intrigued by this product. When a local course has them golfers want to play there and it seems like a sound investment.

GolfBoards are here to stay

Like TopGolf, GolfBoards are part of a new wave of golfing developments that are helping modernise the image of the game. There is no doubt that golfers and non-golfers alike are intrigued by GolfBoard. The company continues to grow and have picked up many awards for their innovative product.

Orange County National, Orlando, FL just announced last week on All Square that they are trialling the GolfBoard over the coming weeks. This is a product that will be great for the game. It has been a source of much discussion in the All square office recently.

GolfBoard and All Square will be at the PGA Merchandise Show next week in Orlando. Drop by for a chat and we’ll tell you how we can enhance your golfing world!

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