Titleist T-series irons + U505 & T200 utilities

Titleist has launched its new T-Series irons which includes the T100, T150, T200 and T350 – as well as new U505 and T200 utility distance irons.

T-series irons

Titleist say the new T100, T150, T200 and T350 models are based on their 3D-fitting principles of distance control, dispersion control, and descent angle – and the new irons maximise these 3 Ds.

Club fittings to find a golfer’s perfect setup usually focus on ball speed and distance, but Titleist have come up with this new ‘3D fitting philosophy’, which it says helps golfers more easily identify the best irons for their game, which will lead to more consistent scoring.

The brand believes that focusing on this combination of the 3 Ds will help golfers hit shots into a smaller, more predictable area, and more consistently – which is what most golfers want.

T-100: A better player’s iron and the most-played iron model on the PGA Tour since its introduction in 2019. The new T100 features a refined, forged dual-cavity construction, providing a more solid feel at impact. The enhanced feel and consistency are achieved through a new precision CNC face-milling process, for optimal contact and control. The dense D18 tungsten and aerospace brazing process enables precise CG placement, delivering impressive MOI and launch dynamics while keeping a sleek player’s iron look.

T150: This is for golfers who want the precision and feel of a T100 but with more forgiveness. They have 2° stronger lofts than the T100 and a more confidence-inspiring shape. The refined muscle channel near the face provides a solid feel, while the dual-taper forged face imparts more speed across the hitting surface. Like in the T-100, the D18 tungsten ensures optimal CG placement and maximum forgiveness.

T200: A players’ distance iron, this is for golfers who want distance and forgiveness without compromising on look, feel, or shot trajectory. The internal structure has a stiffer chassis to deliver a more solid feel, while the refined Max Impact Technology and dual taper forged face is designed for speed and consistency.

T350: This game-improvement iron is for lower handicap golfers seeking higher launch, distance and forgiveness. It features an all-new hollow-body construction inspired by the T200 chassis to maximise speed and forgiveness.

Sign up for the fitting at The Golf Store and find your perfect iron.

U505 & T-200 Utility Irons

To complete the family of options available to golfers seeking long-game distance gapping solutions, Titleist has also introduced the U505 and T200 utilities.

The new U505 and T200 utility irons allow golfers to seamlessly blend their iron sets into the longer irons with plenty of options to create the right gapping into hybrids and fairway woods. 

The larger U505 is available in 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-irons, while the more compact T200 comes in 2-, 3- and 4-irons, with both able to blend into a standard set of T100s, T150s T200s, or T-350s.

A lot of golfers these days, particularly professional players, use some sort of blended set of irons to find performance gains, so Titleist have released these clubs to deliver hybrid-like performance with iron-like control.

The same 3D-fitting principles that apply to the T-Series irons also applies to the utilities. The U505 has a slightly shallower shape to create a higher launch and slightly more spin to help golfers who prefer an iron-like club over a hybrid. Both clubs utilize the same technology as the T-Series irons, including a high-speed face supported by max-impact with heel and toe tungsten weights to create a higher MOI and a lower centre of gravity.

The U505 is shallower and longer from heel to toe with a wider sole, while the T200 is more traditional and lines up with the rest of the T200 iron set.

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