Abama Resort – One of the Best Kept Secrets

Today we are introducing you to the sumptuous Abama Resort in Tenerife. The secret is out, and it is time to draw your attention to this secluded paradise. The resort is tucked away in a corner of the island and is ready for you to discover.

We have spoken about Tenerife as a golf destination before on the blog. This is a year-round golf paradise and one of the world’s true luxury retreats.

Golf at the Abama Resort

The golf course at Abama was designed by the late Dave Thomas and, at number 20 in the All Square Top 100 courses of Spain, it is one of his masterpieces. In designing the course, Thomas used the stunning scenery as the perfect backdrop to highlight the quality of the holes on display. With over 25,000 palm trees and 22 lakes adorning the course, this is no pushover. It’s a fair test of golf and a fun resort course. At around 6,700m, it isn’t a monster course but a premium is certainly put on accuracy. The perfectly white bunkers sit proud like jewels decorating the fairways and greens and, while you’ll want to avoid them, they make a great frame for the holes. The other highlight of the track at Abama is the waterfalls that link the lakes. This course is as fun as it is photogenic.

Once you’ve finished your golf, the incredible Abama resort awaits you. This secluded paradise is just what you need to forget about the stresses of modern life. When you are in Abama, time slows down a little. As a guest at the resort, the attentive staff are there to ensure your wishes are catered for. The resort provides you with the best of both worlds. You can explore Guía de Isora, on the island of Tenerife and the surrounding area, or you can just stay on the resort and relax to your hearts content. From tennis and boutiques to Michelin-starred dining, Abama has everything you’ll need.

 The Ritz-Carlton Abama Hotel and Spa

You have many accommodation options during your stay at Abama. There is the citadel-style Ritz-Carlton with 461 luxury guest rooms and suites. The rooms are separated with lush garden areas for you to enjoy and are decorated in an elegant and understated way with luxurious attention to detail. With so much to do on the resort you will likely spend very little time in your room but we urge you to set some time aside to enjoy the comfort of these accommodations. Whether you are in one of the guest rooms or are renting a villa, you will not be left wanting.

The hotel has a world-renowned spa to help you melt float away into a world of relaxation. This is a holistic relaxation experience that uses locally-sourced ingredients in their treatments to evoke that volcanic island paradise feeling. Grab a treatment and make sure you’re ready for your tee time tomorrow!

Abama Resort, Tenerife, Spain

A world of dining options for your enjoyment

At Abama there are no less than twelve restaurants! The most celebrated restaurant is MB, named after Chef Martín Berasategui, which has been awarded two Michelin stars. MB celebrates inventiveness and the creativity of cuisine making it an all-encompassing sensory experience. If sushi is your thing then Abama Kabuki, which holds one Michelin star, is a must-visit. Kabuki specialises in combining traditional Japanese and modern western culinary techniques to create a unique dining experience.At El Mirador, the setting is every bit as good as the food. Using locally-sourced seafood, this restaurant specialises in celebrating traditional cuisine at its cliff-top location.

20/20 Steakhouse is in the centre of the citadel complex and is for those who want some meat and wine. It’s about doing the simple things well and the quality of the produce used makes it a standout establishment. For Italian lovers, the elegant Verona restaurant will tick the box. Using handcrafted pasta and imported Italian ingredients, Verona takes traditional Italian flavours and adds a twist of culinary innovation to liven things up. Txoko is the home of traditional Spanish food at Abama. This restaurant is operated by head chef Martín Berasategui too.

The other dining options for you include the Beach Club, La Veranda, Los Chozos, La Casa Club, the Sports Bar and the Lobby Bar. No, you will definitely not struggle to find somewhere to eat at Abama.

Restaurant is MB, named after Chef Martín Berasategui

Own your own portion of the paradise

The tagline for Abama is ‘enjoy and stay for a lifetime’ and it is one that is hard to argue with. The hardest thing about visiting Abama is that you have to leave eventually. Well you don’t actually. With the real estate developments on the resort you can own your own slice of this volcanic garden paradise.

The options are plentiful. You can build your own dream villa from the ground up by choosing a plot of land, or you can buy a pre-built villa and decorate it your way. The growing community at Abama resides on the side of the beautiful Teide volcano making the views astounding. As well as the custom villas, there are three groups of properties for you to invest in.

If you are looking for something modest yet luxurious, Las Terrazas is a development of serviced apartments that look out onto the Atlantic Ocean and neighbouring Canary Islands. At Bellevue, the detached and semi-detached homes come with fully landscaped gardens so you can enjoy that perfect climate. They also come with a swimming pool and a mini-pool should the pools at the resort be getting a bit busy.

Las Casas del Lago is a development made up of six super-luxury villas. Each property is unique and absolutely no compromises have been made when it comes to cerating the perfect living space. These homes are terraced and secluded so that you have the chance to have a private escape from the world.

Abama Luxury Residences

The Abama experience

Whether you stay for a weekend or a month, the lifestyle at Abama will stay long into your memory. It is easy to get used to the unsurpassed luxury you get here, that is why we are sure that you will make more than one visit. Follow Abama on All Square to stay up to date with the resort’s latest news: www.allsquaregolf.com/golf-courses

Find your favorite courses on www.allsquaregolf.com and download our mobile app on the App Store and on Google Play.

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