Best new putters 2021 part 2

Let’s take a look at the new putter ranges from Ping, TaylorMade and Odyssey for 2021. Designed to be more forgiving and easier to aim, they could take your putting game to a new level.

Ping 2021 Range

Ping’s new putter line-up for the 2021 has 11 models, all with a focus on maximum forgiveness. The whole range increases MOI – Moment of Inertia is a measure of a club’s resistance to twisting at impact. The higher the MOI, the more forgiving the club is. 

Ping’s three new Anser models combine a stainless-steel head with tungsten heel and toe weights, making them the most forgiving Anser putters so far. The Anser is directed at players with a slight-arc to their stroke, as is the Anser 2 which has a longer and narrower shape than the Anser, and the Anser 4 has more toe hang for those with a strong-arc to their stroke.

The Kushin 4, DS 72, Tyne 4 and Tyne C putters have steel weights in the heel and tungsten on the toe to move the CG (centre of gravity) to optimize performance. The Kushin 4 makes alignment easier thanks to strong parallel and perpendicular lines, the DS 72 is a mid-mallet with high forgiveness and is aimed at players with a small arc in their stroke. The Tyne 4 is best for a strong-arc stroke, while the Tyne C is targeted at players with a straight-stroke.

The CA 70 has a dense stainless steel sole weight which lowers the CG for even more forgiveness, a single solid white sight line and is for those with a slight-arc or straight stroke. The new Fetch model now has more weight on the perimeter to increase MOI, and is suited to a player with a straight stroke. The Oslo H has good visual alignment cues and suits a slight arc putting stroke. Finally, the Harwood provides forgiveness with the combination of an aluminum body and tungsten weighting, best for a straight stroke or slight arc. 

TaylorMade Spider Range

TaylorMade Spider putters proved very popular when they were launched in 2008. Now, four new models have been added for 2021. The new technology across the range is the true path alignment system designed to make putts easier to aim.

The Spider EX is designed to be easy to line-up putts with extra stability. It has a lightweight aluminium frame which allows more weighting on the perimeter for higher MOI. This also gives you a more consistent roll. It’s slightly larger than the current Spider X but has a more streamlined shape.

The Spider X is TaylorMade’s most popular model and the new Spider X Hydro Blast adds to its appeal. The major change is the new colourway and finish, with a rich silver used to give it a smooth premium finish with greater scratch resistance.

The Spider S has also been refreshed with the true path alignment system. This is placed on the topline to provide a clear focal point. It is the same width of a golf ball to help golfers get the ball lined up with the middle of the face. Its large tungsten backbar across the end of the putter gives it the highest MOI of the range.

The Spider SR has a slightly smaller footprint after feedback from tour players. It has ‘fangs’, each of which features a weight which can be fine-tined to optimise swing weight. It also features the true path alignment system, but this time it’s placed within the cavity behind the club face.

TaylorMade Truss Range 2021

TaylorMade’s new Truss range of putters are designed for players who want the stability and forgiveness of a mallet, but prefer the more traditional putter look at address. The definition of a truss is a frame that supports a structure such as a roof. So, adding a truss to a putter should increase stability. The truss itself in these putters is a triangle shaped hosel. The truss reduces twisting of the head during the putting stroke and at impact, increasing your consistency particularly with off-centre strikes.

There are four different models to choose from: the TB1 and TB2 which are more traditional blade shapes, and the TM1 and TM2 which are fang-shaped mallets. The TB2 and TM2 both have a hosel which extends to the centre of the putter head. On the face, there’s a Pure Roll insert which has been in their putters since the successful Spider range was launched. There’s also adjustable sole weights in the heel to allow for a range of different swing weights and centre of gravity placements.

Odyssey White Hot OG 

The putter brand has revealed its new White Hot OG range which sees the return of the original White Hot insert from previous models, popular with golfers because of the exceptional feel it provided. Soft inserts are usually slow, with a soft feel and dead sound, but the two-part White Hot insert combines the feel of a softer model with the performance of a firmer face. 

This effective combination features across the new models. Odyssey has managed this by taking the original insert in terms of feel, sound and performance, and updated it with a two-part urethane insert. This has been combined with a rich silver PVD finish for golfers who want that premium finish.

The new White Hot OG line includes the #1 blade, #1WS wide-soled blade, smaller mallet #5, fanged #7, classic 2-Ball and wider mallet Rossie. Both the Rossie and #7 are available in either double bend face-balanced models or with slant necks and a degree of toe hang.

The range is available with either a stepless steel shaft or the multi-material Stroke Lab shaft which now comes in a new candy apple red finish. Also, the distribution of steel and carbon fibre has changed slightly in the new Stroke lab shaft design to improve both feel and performance. All the putters come with a grey DFX Rubber grip as standard.

Odyssey Ten

Odyssey’s new Ten range include a new Stroke Lab shaft, their most forgiving 2-Ball yet and the current putter used by new Callaway/Odyssey signing Jon Rahm. The Spanish world number three has been using the 2-Ball Ten model on Tour this season.

The head designs of the new line-up improves two key performance areas for both Tour players and high-handicappers: alignment and high MOI (forgiveness). They have clear alignment systems, including 2-Ball and Triple Track, in a head construction that is now sleeker and more forgiving than before. The holes in the head of the previous models have been replaced by a solid black finish.

The new range has five models: The Ten, which has a straight-line alignment aid; the Ten Triple Track, designed to make alignment easy when used with a Callaway Triple Track Ball; the 2-Ball Ten, featuring Odyssey’s classic alignment aid; the 2-Ball Ten Tour Lined, which features an alignment line through the 2-Ball design; and 2-Ball Ten Triple Track, which combines Odyssey’s two biggest alignment innovations in one head.

The Odyssey Ten range also sees the introduction of a new version of the brand’s Tour proven, multi-material Stroke Lab shaft, seven grams lighter than its predecessor, stiffer and more stable for improved tempo and stroke consistency. Each version also includes the brand’s White Hot Microhinge Insert, a face which is designed to stop your ball from skidding on contact.

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