Callaway Chrome Soft balls 2022

Callaway has launched three new versions of their popular Chrome Soft balls for 2022, as used on Tour by brand ambassador Jon Rahm – but with benefits for amateur golfers.

Callaway is starting to challenge the ubiquitous Titleist Pro V1 range in the golf ball market. In 2021, players using the brand’s Chrome Soft X won two majors, Phil Mickelson at the PGA Championship at Kiawah Island and Jon Rahm at the US Open at Torrey Pines, and Xander Schauffele won the gold medal in the men’s Olympic golf tournament in Japan.

Callaway golf balls have also become a great option for amateurs and those with slower swing speeds. The Supersoft, with its emphasis on helping golfers get the ball in the air, has proved very popular.

Following on from this success, Callaway has developed three updated Chrome Soft models for 2022: the Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft X and Chrome Soft X LS. The balls feature a new smart crosslink polymer SoftFast core, that is stronger which means the core can be softer. This offers more ball speed from the tee with softer feel at slower speeds with an iron or a wedge.

Chrome Soft

Callaway Chrome Soft

This is a 3-piece ball with urethane cover, and comes in five designs: White, Yellow or White Triple Track, Truvis Red, and Truvis Yellow. White is a classic look, Triple Track has alignment lines, as does the yellow option, while the Truvis Yellow and Red has a classic 1970s Adidas Telstar football design.

The previous Chrome Soft ball was a 4-layer ball, but this is a 3-piece ball, which Callaway says is possible because of the new benefits of the new SoftFast core. The brand says this model is Callaway’s answer to Titleist Pro V1, for golfers with sub 100 mph driver swing speeds, which is most amateur golfers. This model has proved to be the most popular ball in the range.

Golfers can expect slightly more ball speed, less backspin with the driver and irons, and a small carry gain overall. All good new news for casual players.

Chrome Soft X

Soft X

This is a four-piece ball with urethane cover and comes in three designs: White, Triple Track, and Triple Track Yellow. This is the most played ball by Tour players, including Jon Rahm, and the brand says it’s the equivalent to the Titleist Pro V1x.

This ball is for better players and it provides a slightly lower ball flight than the previous model. Players can expect a slight ball speed gain with the driver over the previous iteration of this ball, whilst iron spin will remain similar but more than the Chrome Soft, but the ball will provide a small gain in distance across the golf bag.

Chrome Soft X LS

Chrome Soft LS

This is a four-piece ball with urethane cover, and comes in three designs: White, Triple Track, and Triple Track Yellow. It has a new urethane cover blend, so users can expect more spin separation to the X ball and more greenside spin over the previous version. A new aero package also helps straighten flight, so it will be less workable.

The LS is for golfers who hit the ball long off the tee. Compared to the previous version, golfers can expect slightly more ball speed, less backspin which adds distance with the driver, and less iron spin which equates to a small distance gain across the golf bag.

All these balls are priced around €58 per dozen.

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