Callaway’s new Jaws Full Toe Wedges & Epic Super Hybrid

Callaway have added new clubs to their 2021 line-up, the Jaws Full Toe Wedges and Epic Super Hybrid. Both could be great additions to your golf bag, so let’s take a look.

These new releases follow Callaway’s launch of their Epic Speed, Epic Max, Epic Max LS drivers and Apex 21 range of irons earlier this year.

Callaway Jaws Full Toe wedges

The main selling point of these new wedges is increased spin. This comes from the full face Jaws grooves, which Callaway says is “the most aggressive groove in golf’. These grooves have been extended across the club face, so golfers can still add a good amount of spin to their shots even if they hit it off centre. This innovative technology works by using sharp radius edges which combine with groove-in-groove technology for extra spin.

But these wedges have other advantages. The enhanced toe peak of the wedge, the Full Toe, offers more confidence to make any green-side shot. This combined with a specialised C-Grind design with increased heel and toe relief makes bunker shots and flops easier to hit for the average golfer. Even more assistance is provided by less offset and a straighter leading edge for easier alignment.

Every wedge comes with a Variable Weight Port System which Callaway used to precisely locate the centre of gravity away from the hosel for better contact and more feel, creating a lower and more controlled trajectory. Finally, they have been designed with a RAW Face, which will eventually rust to give a more rough face for even more spin.

The Jaws Full Toe is available in 54 and 64 degrees with bounce options of 10/12 degrees. Callaway have catered for all swing types with shafts available in steel and graphite with a choice of either Raw Black or Raw Face Chrome finish. Average price: €160.

Callaway Epic Super Hybrid

Hybrids are becoming more and more popular as they can be hit off the tee, but also off the turf instead of a long iron, which many golfers find tricky. For this new hybrid, Callaway have updated their Jailbreak technology system: an internal pair of bars behind the hitting area seen in the Epic Speed driver family. This connects the sole and crown and they stiffen the frame at impact and help redirect more energy back into the shot.

And while most fairway woods and hybrids are made using stainless steel for strength and cost saving, Callaway have gone with lightweight but strong titanium. This allowed designers to give the Epic Super Hybrid a face with more flex at impact to provide more ball speed and distance.

As well as the weight saved by using Titanium, giving this club a carbon fibre crown allowed designers to add a pair of internal tungsten weights to the back of the club head. These weights drive the centre of gravity down and back to promote a higher launch. They also help improve the moment of inertia and make the head more stable during off-centre hits. There’s also an eight-position adjustable hosel system that allows players and fitters to increase or decrease the loft.

This club comes in 16, 18, 21, 24 and 27 degree options. The lower-lofted models are designed to replace 4-woods and 5-woods (16 and 18 degrees), and have a fairway wood appearance. The higher-lofted clubs (21, 24 and 27 degrees) could replace your long irons have a more compact shape. Average price: €290.

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