JuCad Luxury Golf Trolleys

For golfers who appreciate superior quality, the handmade manual and electric golf trolleys from artisan German brand JuCad are a great choice. Let’s take a look.

The brand’s golf trolleys, sold worldwide for over 30 years, are precision-built in Germany using exclusive materials and state-of-the-art technology, and JuCad is the first golf equipment manufacturer to offer their customers a personal trolley configurator online. Three premium materials are used: titanium, stainless steel and carbon, while exacting craftsmanship ensures outstanding quality across its range of products.

Intelligent positioning of high-tech motors in the trolley axle, ultra-light weight, tailor-made packing dimensions – foldable or easily disassembled – and elegant design, make each JuCad trolley a piece of art. But they don’t come cheap! To give you a sense of the range of products, let’s take a look at the most affordable and expensive electric and manual options.

Electric trolleys

JuCad Carbon Drive 2.0: €2,990.00

This trolley has a carbon surface, user friendly technology and a high quality finish. The carbon frame is free from visible cables, battery or motors. It also has quiet brushless motors with a double-sided electronic parking brake for secure grip on the steepest of terrains and an integrated charge state display. At only 5.5 kg it’s lightweight, yet this model has no weight limit for the golf bag. The stepless rotary speed control activates all movement to ensure comfortable ease of use. It can quickly be taken apart for storage in the carry bag or in your car boot.

JuCad Phantom Titan eX 2.0: €4,990.00

JuCad Phantom EX 2.0

This trolley has a slender but strong titanium frame and designer wheels with single-spoke full carbon rims. It also has an elegant handle bar with stepless speed control. Quiet brushless motors with a double-sided parking brake secures grip on the steepest of terrains and there’s an integrated charge state display. It can be folded away to a flat packing size in a transportation bag. It has a noiseless 48V traction system with drive, reverse and neutral functions as well as automatic preset distance button and remote control. There’s an adjustable handle bar and upper bag support.

Manual trolleys

JuCad Carbon 2-wheel version: €790.00

This trolley is extremely lightweight with a full carbon frame. It glides smoothly and elegantly across the fairway. The clip-on wheels running on quadruple ball bearings ensure highest ease of use even on difficult terrain and the height adjustable handle bar guarantees easy operation. It can be easily assembled or quickly taken apart for storage in the smallest of car boots and it’s ideal for air travel.

JuCad Titan 3-wheel version: €1,290.00

Ultra-light, elegant titanium trolley. The large clip-on wheels running on quadruple ball bearings make driving this trolley easy. The height adjustable handle bar allows simple pushing or pulling. It’s easily folded down to its mini packing size and can fit in the smallest car boots. It’s also a great option for the air travelling golfer. This sturdy trolley has no weight limit for the golf bag and is also suitable for the heavy bags of a Pro golfer.

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