Meet Antoine Chatelain, Marketing Coordinator at All Square

A graduate in Sports Management from UCFB in London, Antoine has been a key team member at All Square for over three years, looking after the product, content on the website and equipment section. His passion for customer experience and marketing ensures that our clients receive outstanding service.

After dropping golf for 14 years, he got his love for the game back during an internship in Atlanta. Antoine also loves to ski and travel the world.

About You

How did you first get into golf?

I first got into golf around the age of 3-4 years old. My parents were members at Golf de Saint Germain next to Paris. We used to go every Sunday where I would take lessons in the morning. I remember winning my first competition on 3 holes with my first birdie on a Par 3 (Obviously it was on the short 9-hole course). When we moved from Paris we all completely stopped playing as we started moving around Europe for my father’s job and it was a hassle to always apply for membership in new golf clubs. I got back into the game of golf in 2016 during an internship in Atlanta, GA. A friend of mine was there at the same time and took me to the driving range to hit a few balls. The next day I was back on the golf course and addicted to the game. What helped a lot to get back into it is the rate of public golf courses in the US as I was able to play twice on the weekend. Since then, I kept on playing and trying to improve my game.

What is the best thing about playing golf?

It’s hard to give one best thing about playing golf. To me it’s the whole experience that makes it fun. I love going to the golf course to work on my game and spend time with my friends and my mom (she got back into the game a couple years before me). I love the feeling of just being out there in nature and usually with beautiful views. And then comes the thrills of actually playing the shot you were visioning in your head. Another factor that makes it very fun is that even if you play on the same course all the time, your rounds will never be the same and there is always something to improve, whether it is a technical improvement or just course management. 

What was the first course you ever played?

The first course I ever played was Golf de Saint Germain but I only got to play the short 9-hole course (I would love to get to play the 18-hole as I heard it was a great design). The first 18 holes I’ve played were in Atlanta at the Bobby Jones Golf Course (I believe that it is now a 9-hole course as part of the space was used to build a parking lot, but don’t quote me on that). It’s not the best course or design in the world but is very affordable and was definitely fun enough to get back into the game.

What are your three favourite golf courses in the world?

Since getting back into the game of golf, I didn’t do a proper golf trip yet but I still think that I played some great and interesting golf courses. The best one I played was definitely Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club in Dubai. The service was amazing as well as the quality of the golf course. Then I would have to say Golf de Beauvallon in the Saint Tropez Bay, it’s a fun course but mostly the views on the bay will leave you speechless. As a 3rd course, I would say Golf de Preisch. It’s a fun course just at the border between France and Luxembourg that has a mix of 3 9-hole courses so it allows you to play 18 in any order making it a new experience every time.

Your favourite golf destination and why?

As I said before, I didn’t have a proper golf trip yet but Dubai was quite amazing and I will definitely go back to play the other courses.

What is the course you’d play if you only had one round left to play?

My home club Golf du Mont d’Arbois in Megève. It’s a fun course to play with very nice views and I’ve been going to Megève for skiing since I was born and I absolutely love the place.

What is the #1 golf course on your bucket list?

Probably Le Golf National. I was there for the Ryder Cup in 2018 and the course looks absolutely amazing, plus it would be fun to see what kind of score I can shoot on such a course.

Who is your favourite pro on tour and why?

I love watching Jordan Spieth playing. When I started playing again, he was still at the top of his game and it was an absolute joy to watch so I feel like he got me into watching golf on TV. Other notable players I love watching are Justin Thomas and Viktor Hovland

What golf clubs do you use?

When starting back in 2016, I was using my father’s old clubs which was a set of Ping Eye 2s. After improving a bit, I decided to invest in more recent equipment to gain in forgiveness. I now use a Ping G410 Plus driver (10.5°), TaylorMade M2 from 2017 for my 3-wood, hybrid and irons, a Cobra King Utility 3-iron in black, I recently changed my wedges to the Titleist SM8, my putter is a Scotty Cameron Newport 2.6. As for golf balls I usually play the new Titleist Tour Speed and sometimes Pro V1’s.

What is the next golf trip you are looking forward to?

I was supposed to go to Morocco in April of 2020 but it was cancelled due to the pandemic. As of right now nothing planned as it is tough to travel considering the crisis we are all facing.

Rapid Fire Question

Hitting long drives or sinking long putts`?

Hitting long straight drives!

If you could win a major, which one would it be?

Definitely The Masters

Favourite golf equipment brand?

I enjoy TaylorMade a lot. They represent some of the best players in the world and their events when testing new clubs are quite fun to watch.

Favourite golf clothing brand?

I love what Stitch Golf are doing, especially with their golf bags.

Your dream fourball?

Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods, Viktor Hovland and myself

Your lowest score?

81 (9 over) at Golf du Mont d’Arbois (still got some work to do :))

Questions about All Square

How has All Square evolved during your time at the company?

For the first years, we were mostly working on improving the platform, whether it was for content or to improve the user experience. We’ve also developed many new features, such as bookings and a full equipment section where you won’t only find golf clubs but everything you need related to golf equipment and clothing. We are now getting into another very exciting time as we are polishing our new travel section as well as developing our own scoring system to enter your scores and keep track of your statistics. These features will launch in the first semester of 2021 so keep an eye out for them!

What makes All Square stand out from other golf websites and apps?

I think a few aspects makes us stand out but the main one being our community of passionate golfers. If you need advice and where to play in the world or if you’re looking for new golf partners in your area, All Square is the place to do so. We also combine many features that other apps will only provide individually. I can get the latest golf news, book my tee times, find out everything about the latest equipment and soon enter my scores all from the same app which is very convenient.

What is your favourite feature on All Square?

I love checking out the latest equipment so the equipment feature is my favourite but I feel that when our scoring feature will come out it will probably become my favourite feature to use!

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