New Scotty Cameron Champions Choice Newport putters

Scotty Cameron’s new Champions Choice Newport line of putters are blades with a slightly wider profile, all featuring Cameron’s famed Teryllium inlay.

This new range has been inspired by the putters Scotty Cameron has made for recent major winners, with four of the last seven men’s major champions using one of the brand’s models.

In 2021, Scotty Cameron introduced a limited line of Champions Choice putters with the same soft Teryllium inlay and ‘button back’ design, used to great effect by Brooks Koepka when he won the 2023 PGA Championship.

Now, Cameron has introduced an updated version which consists of four ‘plus’ blade models: Newport Plus Button Back, Newport 1.5 Plus Button Back, Newport 2 Plus Button Back, and Newport 2.5 Plus Button Back.

The inspiration

“Recognising the demand for our original Champions Choice release in 2021, I had to do it again,” said Scotty Cameron. “With the introduction of our new Super Select Plus models and the popularity of this new blade shape, it was a natural to create some unique Newport and Newport 2-style models for this seasonal release.

“I call the Plus width a “tweener” because it’s in between the size of a normal blade and our wider, Squareback 2 mid-mallets. Add the Teryllium in our Button Back design and these new Champions Choice Plus Button Back models celebrate the years of victory with our putters in four new designs built to look as good as they perform.”

The technology

The new range of putters combines the sleek shapes of the brand’s Special Select putters with the integrated Teryllium copper alloy inlay and the putter brand’s ‘Button Back’ design. All four in the line are slightly wider face to flange for additional stability.

Each model features a precision milled 303 stainless steel head, with the Teryllium insert fused with the button head machine screws, and a 6061 aluminium sole component to deliver top-level performance. There’s also vibration dampening material between the inlay and the putter head for improved feel.

Scotty Cameron’s misting process provides a glare-resistant sheen, and the familiar three-dot theme is seen on the back of the head, in the form of red, white and blue accents around the machine screw heads.

All four models come with heel-toe stainless steel sole weights, with stepless steel shafts, with either a plumbing neck or a jet neck in 33″, 34″ and 35″ length options. Each comes with a matching premium headcover in the line’s red, white and blue colour scheme and a Pistolini Plus grip.

Champions Choice Newport Plus: Slightly wider than a standard Newport with an I-beam style plumbing neck.

Champions Choice Newport 1.5 Plus: Based on the Newport Plus head shape, this model features an I-beam style jet neck for players with a naturally arced stroke.

Champions Choice Newport 2 Plus: A wider profiles designed for players looking for a slightly bigger blade and even more confident alignment.

Champions Choice Newport 2.5 Plus: Also offered in a left-handed version and based on the Newport 2 Plus head size, this one has an I-beam style jet neck for golfers with a naturally arced stroke.

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