New TaylorMade TP Reserve putters

TaylorMade has launched its new TP Reserve putter range, a line of premium fine-milled putters, with nine models to choose from. Which one is for you?

TaylorMade wanted this new range to be classic looking and provide a luxury feel, with each model coming with a premium leather head cover.

The tech

All the putters come with a milled face, designed to improve sound and feel at impact. They are CNC milled from soft 303 stainless steel, with three blades and three mallets, which together with various combinations of hosels and shaft bends, means you have nine options in total.

The grooves on the face of each putter are linear and are at a specific depth all the way across the putter face, to give the same sound no matter where you strike your putt. Each model also features customisable sole weights, which can be configured to match your swing characteristics.

The range features four hosel shapes. These are the L-Neck (1) Small Slant (3), Single Bend (7) and the Flow Neck (9). The final number in each putter’s name corresponds to the neck shape. Which of these shapes is right for you?

L-Neck: For golfers who create moderate face rotation and want to feel the toe release through impact.

Small Slant: This helps create a square face at address. The slight toe hang is suited to players with a moderate arc in their stroke.

Single Bend: Create face-balance and keeps the face square to the stroke’s path.

Flow Neck: Creates toe hang to help the face close faster. This helps the putter square up at impact rather than being open.

All models come in right-handed and left-handed options with lengths of 33’’, 34’’ and 35’’, and they come a with KBS 120 Chrome stepless shaft and Black Lamkin Deep Etched Pistol grips. RRP: €499

Nine models

B11 & B13: These have the most classic blade design in the range. They also have a longer blade length, something which was popular among TaylorMade tour pros. The B11 has an L-Neck; the B13 a Small Slant.

B29: A smaller blade putter and another traditional looking putter, with a Flow-Neck hosel and smooth curves on the back.

B31: A wide blade with an L-Neck hosel and balanced wings on the heel and toe. There’s more stability with this putter as the weight is moved to the perimeter for enhanced MOI. 

M21 & M27: Mallets with a wing design that offers a high MOI performance due to more perimeter weighting. These have less toe hang, suited for those with a more straight back and through stroke. The M21 being an L-Neck, and the M27 a Single Bend.

M33 & M37: A round shape and the only models with a sightline on top as well as two in the back of the cavity. Both models have the same head design, but the M33 uses a Small Slant hosel, and M37 a Single Bend.

M47: A rounge shape and the smallest mallet in the range, this is a blend of blade and mallet. But it does have the widest topline of the three mallets.

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