PXG releases new 0317 ST Irons

PXG has released their new 0317 ST irons – Tour-level blades mixed with cavity backs in the long irons. Here’s why they could help you aim like a sniper.

Designed for above average ball strikers, the ‘ST’ is for Super Tour while ‘0317’ is military code for a United States Marines Scout Sniper. These blades have been designed for shot-shaping without compromising control, distance or feel.

Though blades are traditionally harder to hit for most golfers, the new cavity back in the longer irons provides a good level of forgiveness. They come in either Chrome and Xtreme Dark finishes.

So, If you’re a scratch golfer or a low handicapper, the PXG 0317s could well be for you.

PXG Milled

Cutting-edge technologies

The 0317 ST Blade irons have a precision milled face for spin and distance control, and they are triple forged from 8620 soft carbon steel to maximise strength, feel and performance. This delivers longer-lasting grooves when compared to other forged steel carbon alloys.

The key design element is the Perimeter Weighting Technology in the club head, creating the ideal swing weight. The big screw in the middle of the club allows fitters to add or remove weight while still keeping the centre of gravity in the middle. That weighting can be adjusted in fitting, but not after you buy the clubs.

There’s a cavity back in the 3- and 4-irons for more forgiveness in those tough long iron shots, while 5-iron to wedge has a solid body to deliver a penetrating ball flight and good spin levels.

The new irons come in 3-iron (21 degrees), 4-iron (23 degrees), 5-iron (26 degrees), 6-iron (29 degrees), 7-iron (33 degrees), 8-iron (37 degrees), 9-iron (42 degrees), pitching wedge (47 degrees) and gap wedge (52 degrees).

Price: $199 (€205) each in Chrome finish, $219 (€225) each in Xtreme Dark finish.

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