MyGolfSpy – The Independent Testers of Golf

Most golfers will have read content from MyGolfSpy, but do you really know what this brand is all about? Their tagline is ‘power to the player’ so this is a great place to start.

Since 2008, MyGolfSpy have been on a mission to strip away the numerous layers of marketing in the golf industry to give golfers honest and independent reviews of the equipment on the market. As All Square is golf’s social network, we thought we should make you aware of another company who put golfers first.

MyGolfSpy are on a mission to educate and empower golfers. They wish to review clubs and products to provide consumers with data they can trust. With this, they hope golfers can spend their money more wisely on products that will help their game the most. One of their recent big stories was the Costco Kirkland Signature golf ball which they tested against the Titleist Pro V1. This is a story you can’t have missed!

MyGolfSpy - The Independent Testers of Golf Equipment

What makes them different?

Firstly, MyGolfSpy do not accept any advertising money from the major brands in golf. As a company they wish to be free from relationships with big brands so they can give completely unbiased reviews of equipment. For nearly a decade, MyGolfSpy have worked to refine their testing method to ensure they provide golfers with the best data available.

One of the most interesting things about this company is how they test products. They use a number of different approaches and always employ good scientific practice. Their reviews always show the data from the tests so that readers can make up their own mind about the results.

When they publish a review they ensure that you know all of the details surrounding the test. This includes information like the handicap of the testers involved, the golf balls used, the launch monitor used, the statical methods employed on the data generated and the raw data from the tests.

MyGolfSpy Most Wanted

Every year MyGolfSpy release their ‘Most Wanted’ list. This is a series of  comprehensive product reviews across a huge array of models. For example, the 2017 Most Wanted Blade Putter test involved 13,298 total putts and took over 120 hours to complete.

The company carry out their product testing at their custom built test centre. The facility, in Yorktown, Virginia was purpose-built to provide these informative reviews for golfers. This MyGolfSpy Test Centre is equipped with GC2 launch monitors and Bridgestone balls so that all of their tests are comparable.

Funded by golfers

A large part of the funding for the activities of MyGolfSpy are driven by donations from golfers. This demonstrates, more than anything else, how valuable this kind of consumer testing is in golf. It is a testament to the work of the company that golfers will donate to them.

Using the donations they get, the company has aspirations to expand their facility and provide golfers with more data than ever before. They are on a mission to become the most trusted consumer tester in golf.

MyGolfSpy are a brand that are looking to keep the big brands honest and keep golfers happy. They are a company that have the consumer at heart. It will be exciting to see how this company continue to develop in the coming years.

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