Tech Thursday – Your personal “World Map” on All Square

Golf is the best sport in the world, though in fairness, at All Square we are a bit biased. There is something extra-special about golf that sets it apart from almost all other sports. It is that you can play many of the courses that the world’s best players play! You can literally pay to play a round at Kingsbarns within one month of it hosting the European Tour.

We all like to boast about our life’s conquests and the golf courses we’ve played are no exception! With over 33,000 courses listed on All Square you have plenty to play. Today we will show you how to keep track of the great courses you’ve you’ve played.

Be the oracle of local course knowledge

The world map feature gives you the chance to display the great courses you’ve been out on. We’ve all experienced the jealousy when someone tells us they’ve played one of the world’s great courses. The next stage is that you want to know more about their experience. With All Square you can easily do just that.

You can set out to play all of the courses in one area and keep tabs of it with your All Square account. Imagine being able to display that you had played every course in your local area. You could be the local expert of golf in your city.

Let your friends help you pick your next round

One of golf’s greatest joys is finding a hidden gem. By checking-in on All Square a stick-pin will be added to your world map at that course. If you forget to check-in or played it in the past, just review the course and you’ll get your pin!

According to research, 80% of golfers choose where to play according to friend referral. All Square is the new friend referral for golf. You can exchange travel recommendations with an international community of golfers and they too can discover that hidden gem you rated so highly. Search an interactive digital golf course guide of more than 33,000 courses and resorts in more than 180 countries. Let your network explore your favorite courses and be ‘the guy who knows the hidden gems’.

Start adding courses to your All Square “World Map”

The “World Map” feature enables players to highlight and show the courses they’ve played around the world. There are two ways of adding courses to your map. First, you can check-in at the course using the All Square iPhone app (an Android app will soon be released). The check-in feature allows you to notify your friends when you’re at the course. Just make sure you are closer than 4 miles away as it would be too easy to check-in in Pebble Beach while sitting on your couch in London. Another way of adding courses to your map is by writing reviews about the courses you’ve played. We had too many golfers complaining… I am not going back to Augusta National anytime soon…

Here’s an example of Martin Kaymer’s world map. Martin is using All Square to share his most memorable golf experiences with his fans and friends.

Tech Thursday - Your personal “World Map” on All Square

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