The new PXG 0311 Gen5 irons

PXG has launched three new irons in its GEN5 series featuring innovative technologies to improve speed, launch and forgiveness for all levels of golfer.

The line-up includes the players 0311 T, the players distance 0311 P, and the larger game improvement 0311 XP.


The new clubs improve on PXG’s GEN4 line-up with a new core polymer inside the club head, XCOR2, which is lighter and faster than before. This material sits immediately behind what PXG calls the thinnest face in golf and extends into the sole.

This saves weight which is then moved to increase perimeter weighting and boost MOI (moment of inertia). This measurement is a club’s resistance to twisting. The higher the MOI, the more forgiving the club will be.

The clubs also have a new internal Power Channel behind the face which supports more face loading at impact and increases the coefficient of restitution (COR). COR is a measurement of the energy loss or retention when two objects collide. More of this means more energy back into the ball for more speed and more therefore distance.

Each club head is CNC milled to create a thin, high performance design and they feature Precision Weighting Technology, an adjustable weight near the center-of-gravity (CG) on the back of the head. Due to this, golfers can try out different head weights during a club fitting.

Players 0311 T

The T model, which stands for Tour, is designed to be a more forgiving blade style club for lower handicap players who prefer a smaller head with less offset. Golfers can expect more workability and shot shaping compared to the more forgiving P and XP models.

Players distance 0311 P

P stands for Player. The P model is designed for low-to-mid handicappers who want an iron that combines distance, workability and forgiveness. It’s a mid-sized club head with a moderate amount of offset and a comfortable blade length. The blade length is longer than the T but not quite as long as the XP.

Game improvement 0311 XP

The XP model, XP stands for Xtreme Performance, has the biggest head of these irons, which means they are aimed at mid-to-high handicap golfers. There’s extra hosel offset which positions the centre of gravity further back which helps flight shots.

There’s also the PXG 0311 X driving iron which is designed for golfers looking for maximum distance playing on tight fairways or in adverse conditions.

PXG’s 0311 Gen5 irons are available in Chrome and a Black Label Elite version with a Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coating with a dark finish, black shaft, and contrasting steel-finished weight ports on the heel and toe.

All are priced at $349 per club (€332).

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Sanjay Pasari
Sanjay Pasari
1 year ago

Wow such an amazing PXG 0311 it is!

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