Titleist golf balls: Which one do I choose?

Titleist is the best selling golf ball brand in the world used by Tour pros and club golfers alike, but which of their 2022 models should you be playing?

The brand’s comprehensive range of balls includes the ProV1x, -ProV1x and AVX, catering for all golfers’ needs and golfers of all abilities. But the choice can be confusing, so here’s a quick guide.

Pro V1: This is the original tour performance ball in Titleist’s range. It’s a great all-rounder designed to give mid-height ball flight, longer distance, mid-level long-game spin, good greenside spin and control, and softer feel.

Pro V1x: This is designed for players who want a higher trajectory and increased spin relative to Pro V1, with a slightly firmer feel, along with similar short game spin levels and a good level of feel around the greens.

-ProV1x: The Pro V1x Left Dash is suited for golfers with a high swing speed and who want a high ball launch and exceptional distance. It has a firmer feel and is the lowest spinning of the three Pro V1 models, but golfers still get plenty of short game control.

AVX: This model feels softer than the Pro V1 and launches lower and more penetrating in the air on full shots and spins less. It’s ideal for those whose ball flight is a little too high or those who produce a bit too much spin from their irons and wedges.

Tour Speed: This is a good option for club golfers who want an excellent all-round ball that provides great distance. Compared to the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x, the Tour Speed has a softer feel and extra distance on iron shots. It doesn’t produce as much spin as the models above, but provides a decent level of feel and more spin than the Tour Soft model, below.

Tour Soft: This ball is for players who want a ball that produces a long and strong ball flight, and it’s great for anyone who wants help with alignment on tees and greens. The T-shaped tool on the side of the ball is what makes it really easy to align your shots when putting or teeing off.

Velocity: This is suited to mid to high handicap players who want a firm ball that produces superb distance. It has little stopping power with wedges and low spin around the greens. The Velocity is all about explosive distance through high speed, high launch and low long-game spin.

TruFeel: Targeted towards golfers with slow to average swing speeds and those who like a ball that feels soft and offers good control. If you have a high swing speed then you probably won’t reach your maximum distance with this ball. This is the softest ball in Titleist’s 2022 range and is a great all-rounder and is one of the best golf balls for higher-handicappers and newcomers to the game.

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Murtaza Hashwani
Murtaza Hashwani
1 year ago

I think you should choose ProV1x golf ball.

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