Andermatt Golf Region – Dramatic Scenery and Equally Dramatic Courses

The Andermatt Golf Region is the perfect destination for nature and golf lovers. Its location makes it easy to get to and perfect for day trips as well as short breaks. From Zurich or Milano, you are around 2 hours drive away and day trips to Obergesteln and Sedrun are close-by so you can visit Wallis or Grisons, respectively.

Whilst the season in this region is may be short, the golf courses it contains are nothing short of spectacular! Sitting in the Swiss Alps, the courses of Andermatt have a backdrop that must be among the best in all of golf and provide a truly unique experience. The courses sit harmoniously within the dramatic alpine countryside and offer challenging golf.

Overview of the Andermatt Golf Region

The 18-hole golf course at Andermatt is a championship course with 15 level fairways and many alpine elements. One of the stand-out features of this course is the sheer number of creatures that call this course home. It is bustling with native life and given the beauty of the Ursern Valley, in which the course resides, the course is a joy from start to finish.

Andermatt Golf Region

Just a few kilometers away, the golf course at Realp, at the foot of the Furka pass, with an elevation difference of 120 meters, and may well be the “world’s most alpine golf course”. It offers golfers in good physical condition a prime opportunity to experience golf in an almost raw and natural way. This course was designed by the elements making it a novel experience. Elements such as tees and greens have been made to fit in with the surroundings and the rest of the course is just as Mother Nature intended it.

Golfclub Andermatt Realp

On the Valais side of the Furka pass, the golf course of GC Source du Rhône shows a completely different character: Here, on a high plateau directly on the banks of the Rhône, is the longest 9-hole course in Switzerland. The course sits in the Rhone Valley and the high mountains help draw your eye to the snowcapped peaks of Galenstock and Weisshorn. This is a challenging course in exceptional condition that you will always want to play again.

GC Source du Rhône

The Oberalp Pass links the cantons of Uri and Grisons. Not far from the source of the Vorderrhein is the 9-hole course of GC Sedrun. At the spectacular last hole, one drives the ball across the Rhine, which here is still just a narrow mountain stream. Although this course has only 9 greens, it does have 18 sets of tees so you can play 18 individual holes. Some of the tee shots at this course seem so elevated that you are hitting your ball off the side of a mountain and you’ll never see it again! Be confident though, Peter Harradine, the famous course designer, knew what he was doing when he created this masterpiece!

GC Sedrun

Why not really treat yourself to a stay at The Chedi Andermatt whilst you are there? The famous hotel with its unique mix of Alpine and Asian influences is the perfect abode for your time in Andermatt. This is more of an experience in luxury than a hotel. With its captivating design, exceptional spa and wellness facilities and elegant restaurants and bars this is just the treat that you need to top-off the whole Alpine golf experience.

The Chedi Andermatt

Golf in the Andermatt region is unique and incredibly fun. You will face golf-shots here that you have never encountered before. The only tip we can give you is to bring a camera. You will almost certainly walk off of any of these courses with a huge smile on your face and great memories to share with your friends.

Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course

The new 18 -hole championship golf course in Andermatt is incomparably rich and varied. Designed by renowned golf course architect Kurt Rossknecht, the course covers an area of 130 hectares and is 6,3 kilometers long. The long and testing par 72 course is south -facing and nestles beautifully within the impressive countryside of the Ursern Valley.

Andermatt Golf Region

The golf course is also home to over 40 species of butterfly and 24 species of bird and 52 different ponds and water courses provide habitats for trout, frogs and newts. Andermatt lies at an altitude of 1440 meters above sea level, which is fortuitous for golfers. The sunny, high alpine course attracts visitors with its flat and undulating fairways: twelve holes run along the high plateau, while the other six holes run through the hills and valleys.

All the holes are exceptional in terms of their stunning landscape and challenging play. Numerous elevated tees on small hillocks enhance playing enjoyment, although obstacles are always clearly visible. The course offers a world-class alpine golfing experience for both leisure and competitive play and you’ll find that every hole has its special feature.

Golfclub Andermatt Realp

Realp Golf Course lies at the foot of the Furka Pass at an altitude of 1550 – 1670 meters above sea-level, nestling in the pristine alpine landscape. The unique panoramic vistas and magnificent views are what set this 9-hole course apart, surrounded, as it is, by colourful, hay meadows. Sporting golfers can soak in nature at its very best in Realp – with beautiful alpine flora, grazing cattle and cheeky marmots, which draw attention to themselves by whistling. The fairways here are a gift from nature.

Obstacles, like troughs, undulations and streams, have been left in their original state: greens and tees have been carefully integrated into the natural terrain and constructed to the highest standards. Many of the greens are well protected by large grassy hollows. A large driving range with covered bays, a sand bunker and a putting and approach green help golfers to improve their game. Realp Golf Course is a very demanding course and promises a genuine sporting experience.

The topography of the course requires a tac­tical game, with the 9th/18th holes being a real highlight: after a long tee shot of 160/175 meters respectively, the difference in height covered by your ball is some 50 meters. A unique view awaits you at the 1st hole where you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the historic Furka steam railway. Experience the world’s arguably most ‘alpine golf course’ in Realp and afterwards treat yourself to a hearty meal in the clubhouse.

Golfclub Sedrun

Anyone travelling from Andermatt over the Oberalp Pass will soon come to the sleepy village of Tschamut on the Grisons side. Sedrun Golf Course is clearly visible as you head along the road through the pass. The course, which lies at an altitude of 1500 m, is located close to the source of the Up­per Rhine, which gives the course its unique character. Peter Harradine, the renowned golf course architect, has de­ signed a rich and varied 9-­hole course here. Every hole has two tees, ensuring that your second round can be just as exciting as the first.

The downhill tees are extremely popular and spectacular, as your ball lies off into oblivion. The only par 3 hole is a prime example of this: we wouldn’t recommend slicing or pushing the ball here, as a small pond is within easy reach. The 7th hole affords fabulous views across the valley and the entire golf course. We urge caution with the spectacular 9th hole as it requires golf­ers to tee­-off over the Upper Rhine, offering a range of different landing points along the fairway. Only golfers skilled enough to hit a shot, which is as long as it is precise, will be awarded with a chance of a birdie.

A safety shot onto the fairway would merely prolong and complicate the approach to the green, which falls gently away to the rear. Work on your «back­spin» here so that your final hole doesn’t ruin your overall score! Sedrun Golf Course affords the very best in playing enjoyment for skilled golfers of all abilities. And after a game, treat yourself to the exquisite culinary in the clubhouse.

Golf Source du Rhône

Up where the River Rhone is still known as the Rotten and is a babbling mountain stream rather than a wide flowing river – that’s where you’ll come across the picturesque Source du Rhône Golf Course. Located directly on the river ­ bank and nestling beautifully within the countryside, the course is one of the loveliest in all Switzerland. At 3020 meters long, it is also one of the longest 9-hole courses.

As you walk the course, your gaze will be inextricably drawn to the snowcapped Galenstock and Weisshorn peaks and the imposing Rhône Valley. Trees, shrubs, reeds and a diverse range of water obstacles line the fairways, sometimes forcing you to make a dogleg. Strategically well-placed bunkers, outliers, forests and challenging undulating greens all call for a tactical game. Source du Rhône is a paradise for anyone who loves long shots.

As the course is situated on a relatively flat high -level plateau, the beautiful game attracts players of all abilities. The very professionally and attentively managed course in Obergesteln is sure to impress visitors. Its proverbial warm Valais hospitality is also a great plus. We’re sure you’ll return again and again. You can never really have enough of the Source du Rhône as there’s always something new to try.

So if you like your golf with a large helping of awe-inspiring natural beauty, Andermatt is for you!

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