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Driving tips from the best players in the world

Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Brooks Koepka, Martin Kaymer and other top PGA Tour pros share their secrets to successfully driving the ball. These tips could take your driving to the next level.

Rory McIlroy 

Think one piece take away and make sure you have a wide back swing with your left arm leading all the way. I also like to feel that I am stable on my feet. 

Brooks Koepka

The more you connect to the ground, the faster you can turn. Think of the opposite extreme: If you swung while standing on ice, sure, you could rotate, but you wouldn’t be able to coil because your lower body would have to turn along with your upper. Coil is key, and it all starts with your feet.

Phil Mickelson                

Get control of your thoughts and focus on your target and basically swing to your target.

Martin Kaymer 

Focus on the rhythm and let the club do what it is supposed to do. Let the club hit the ball and forget about your hands.

Jason Day 

Earlier in my career, I had no swing or swing thought with my driver. I was losing it everywhere. My big thing now, and I only have one swing thought, is to try and hold my club face as square as possible through impact. 

Tiger Woods

In order for me to swing the driver well, I have always played my best when I feel that my hands are as far away as possible from my head which creates a lot of room and a lot of width on my way down. 

Bubba Watson

The farther I turn my hips, the farther I can turn my shoulders, and the farther I can hit the ball. Don’t restrict your backswing in any way. Turn everything, so you have as much windup as you possibly can. Extra motion means a longer swing, more clubhead speed and big distance.

Rickie Fowler

I like to have a wider stance and take the club back slowly so that I have a good timing to rip it on the downswing. 

Jon Rahm

I like to feel like I’m loading my right side in the backswing and then get my body going as fast as possible. 

Justin Thomas

To hit your farthest, you really have to have a stable lower body. The one thing that I try to thing about, is keeping my right left inside of my right heel so that I can use my legs to the best of their ability to hit up on the ball while going down. 

Dustin Johnson 

I never try to hit it hard but I try to swing smooth to hit it solid. If I catch it solid it will go a long way. 

Adam Scott

Fitting yourself out with the right driver is the starting point. A solid basis to keep you grounded with a proper turn is key. Try to feel like a coil winding up and then unwinding.

With these tips from some of the best drivers in the game, you can hopefully start really impressing off the tee. Having a reliable driving game can knock serious numbers off your handicap.

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