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Incredible Lockdown Trick Shots

Justin Rose and other golfers pull off insane trick shots during lockdown. Check out the guy who’s found a new way of sanitizing his hands using a golf ball.

Warning: DO try these at home!

Justin sure plays a mean game of pool

Justin Rose says this is his morning golf practice! He sure plays a mean game of pool.

Justin’s Saturday night trick shot

Justin’s Saturday night trick shot while in lockdown. Watch him ‘thread the gap’ through a golf buggy.


Romain Bechu is a professional golfer and trickshot artist. This is insane! Wait for the splashdown.

Cup in a cup

Pro golfer and trickshot artist Joshua Kelley is keeping y’all entertained during lockdown. We’ve no idea how many attempts this took…

Fridge ball dispenser

Ryan Rustand says he is the world’s best left-handed trickshot artist. He manages to get his fridge to dispense a golf ball!

Now this is just showing off!

Tania Tare is a pro golfer and trickshot artist. While others might use their foam exercise roller to work out on, Tania has another use.

How many attempts did this take?!

Another great vid from Joshua Kelley. This video kills 99.99 percent of all known germs.

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