Meet Caroline Goasguen from Switzerland

Professional golfer Caroline Goasguen has played more golf courses than most. A former tour player she still can’t get enough of golf, travelling to a new destination at every opportunity. We spoke to her to find out what she loves about the game and the courses you should be playing.

How did you get into golf?

My parents picked-up the game when I was 6 years old. They signed me up for the golf school when I was 10 for a trimester. It was hate at first sight. There was nothing appealing to me. But during a fall holiday when I was 11, I went to a golf school for a week and somehow I feel in love. What has always been the most appealing part of golf is the fairness of the game. We all tee-up from the first tee and turn our score cards in after 18 holes. There are no needs for comments. If you score the best you win otherwise just move on to the next round.

You are a member at Golf du Domaine Impérial, can you tell us what makes your club so special?

Golf Club Domaine Imperial

Golf du Domaine Impérial has the location and the history of the buildings make for a unique environment. For the course, the quality of the maintenance. Day in and day out the greenkeeping crew presents a fabulous course. The quality of the greens (their speed). It is a championship course and for training there is no better venue.

What made you want to become an All Square ambassador? What do you like most about All Square?

Promoting the game and share my passion for it are the reasons why I have decided to join the All Square adventure. It is also an opportunity to have the perspective of a former tour player and also to represent the Femine side of our sport.

Can you tell us about your most memorable golf experience?

There are so many, it wouldn’t be fair to just pick one. But mostly it’s the memories of the people that I have encountered and the beauty of the outdoors that stay with me.​

How often do you travel for golf every year and what is your favorite golf destination?

Crystal Downs Country Club

I used to travel everyweek! On tour you are away 2 to 4 weeks at a time. My favotite destination is more with the architect then the location on the map. I have played fabulous courses in unexpected locations. Such as Crystal Downs located in Cristal Lakes Michigan. A course from another century, such a delight to discover each hole.​

But nowadays you travel for more than just golf tournaments?

Now I do travel to coach, and mainly to coach for 15Clubs is a new project I am at the head with my Coaching partner Sophie Giquel-Bettan. Our approach is about performance and how to bring the best of each player on the course. We show you how to showcase the best of your abilities on the course. We look at the golfer as a whole during his/her training, before the round, during the round and after the round. You can find more info what we offer at 15clubs. Our next stops are at 2 courses member of the AllSquare family: Evian Resort Golf Club on June 15th and 16th and Le Golf National on 7th and 8th September.

What are your 3 favorite courses in Europe? the UK? the US?

My favourite course in ​Europe is Mortfontaine Golf Club.

My favourite course in the UK is PortRush Golf Club

My favourite courses in the USA are most Donald Ross design.​

The next golf trip you are looking forward to?

​In May for the US Open Qualifier in London​.

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