New PXG Battle Ready II putter line

PXG has revealed its new Battle Ready II putters – four blades and five mallets – inspired by their groundbreaking 0311 irons.

The brand released the first Battle Ready lineup in 2020 which included mallets Blackjack and One & Done. The Battle Ready II range feature nine putters, so there’s a design and configuration to suit every golfer and putting stroke, whether you want a classic blade, mallet, or modern MOI model. All come in a sleek platinum PVD finish.


PXG says the new lineup has the “thinnest putter face in golf” which “delivers optimum performance and phenomenal feel”, and they are aimed at golfers who want a more forgiving putter which also has soft feel and a consistent roll.

The putters have taken their key design cues from the brand’s revolutionary irons. Back in 2015, PXG’s hollow body irons were the first such irons, and soon Ping, Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Srixon and Mizuno followed suit. In June 2022, PXG released the Gen5 0311 irons.

The hollow irons are made with ultra-thin faces to create more ball speed, but the internal polymer which supports the face also dampens vibrations, so your shots feel and sound better. PXG took that technology and used it in the new putter family. So they differ from traditional blades which are solid steel, and in the mallets they move even more weight to the perimeter.


Each Battle Ready II putter has a 303 stainless steel head, but they have been designed with thin faces and hollow chambers that have been filled with a polymer that PXG calls S COR. This has moved weigh to the perimeter of the club head so golfers get a higher MOI, 10% higher than the first Battle Ready lineup.

The hitting area features PXG’s Pyramid Face Pattern, which is a tight groove design that helps to increase the consistency of impact and roll, while each putter has a series of weight ports in the sole that allow fitters to change the putter’s swing weight based on the club’s length or a player’s preferences.

Lastly, the whole range is available in four different hosel configurations: plumber’s neck, double bend, heel-shafted and armlock. And there’s seven new lightweight polyurethane grip options to choose from. They are available in nine head designs and finished with a platinum-frosted look with black accents. RRP €420 each.


Apache: Large mallet that offers the highest level of forgiveness in the lineup.

Bat Attack: Heel-toe wings designed for easy alignment to the target, a mallet with MOI and centre of gravity benefits.

One & Done: Mallet with updated alignment aids and ultra-deep centre of gravity.

Blackjack: High MOI mallet with exceptional stability, forgiveness and clean alignment features.

Hercules: Traditionally shaped mid-mallet, with long sightline and smooth ballasts for easy alignment.


Dagger +: Traditionalist blade with a modern flair and zero offset, available in two fixed hosel options, heel shafted, and centre shafted.

Brandon: Modern take on a traditional blade-style design.

Mustang: Blade style putter featuring weighted heel and toe ballasts.

Closer: Sleek, wide blade-style putter with longer heel/toe length and slightly thinner width front/back. Redesigned based off tour player feedback.

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