TaylorMade’s new Tour Response & Soft Response golf balls

The new Tour Response and Soft Response golf balls from TaylorMade deliver tour-level performance for amateur golfers hoping to improve their game without burning a hole in their wallet.

Both golf balls were engineered to deliver high performance using cutting-edge technology for everyday golfers who don’t typically have the swing speed of Tour pros – or their bank balance.

There’s also a sub-category, the Tour Response Stripe, which has all the same technologies as the Tour Response but with one eye-catching difference.

So, what’s the difference between Tour Response and Soft Response? Let’s take a look at their main features and how they could benefit amateur golfers.

Tour Response

For this new ball, TaylorMade has integrated the Tour Flight Dimple Pattern seen in the TP5/TP5x balls for improved aerodynamics and maximum carry distance, but with a new dimple profile and shape. This dual-radius dimple shape improves airflow and reduces drag around the ball during flight, increasing lift and distance, two things that average golfers often struggle with.

This 3-piece ball also features a 100% cast urethane cover to deliver more greenside spin and better feel when compared to a typical ionomer covered ball. This cover also adds shear resistance and greater levels of durability.

Again appealing to average golfers, the SpeedMantle with HFM (High Flex Modulus) firm second layer surrounds an inner low compression core that helps the ball fire off the club face, producing faster ball speeds to compensate for a slower swing. These balls won’t break the bank either, coming in at around €45-48 per dozen.

Tour Response Stripe

With all the same technologies as the Tour Response but with one big addition, TaylorMade says the Tour Response Stripe is the easiest golf ball to align it has ever created.

The stripe is a 22-millimetre digital band that wraps around the centre of the golf ball to help aim putts quicker and more consistently than before. Within the band is a thin black line to match up with your putter’s sight lines. This aid alignment should improve your putting.

The stripe will also provide golfers with instant feedback on the direction and roll of their putts. This ball is on sale at the same price as the regular Tour Response.

Soft Response

This is the softest ball in TaylorMade’s line-up, aimed at amateur golfers and slower swing speed players to give them enhanced feel but without reducing ball speeds and distance. This comes from a new, softer core and a re-engineered ionomer cover for increased greenside spin.

Like the Tour Response, Soft Response has a 3-piece construction with a SpeedMantle layer which creates an efficient energy transfer at impact. This results in more feel while maintaining speed and distance, crucial for amateurs.

This ball’s Extended Flight Dimple Pattern decreases drag and optimises lift, allowing the ball to stay in the air longer at lower speeds and lower spin rates, and it’s even more affordable at around €35-38 per dozen.

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Murtaza Hashwani
Murtaza Hashwani
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing this information!

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