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For many years golfers have spent hours and hours videoing themselves hitting ball after ball and watching the playback frame by frame looking for any faults that could be causing their bad shots. Yes, the use of cameras in golf are nothing new at all, but the world of extreme sports has given golfers a new tool, the GoPro camera. No golfers aren’t attaching these to their caps and filming their rounds before you ask. So what are they doing with them?

Swing Analysis

Well these tiny and tough pieces of tech are incredibly versatile! You can certainly take incredible slow motion videos with the camera for the aforementioned swing analysis. For many golfers this is a part of the ritual and part of how they look after their golf game. For this the GoPro is an excellent tool. Right, that’s the serious bit out of the way. Let’s be honest, the whole ethos behind the GoPro revolution is to film yourself having fun, and believe us when we say that golfers are having no trouble doing just that!

The Fun Part…

These little beauties have more up their sleeve though. Given their compact stature the GoPro can be put into the hole for some cool pictures and they’ve even been used to take pictures from inside trophies. If you search ‘GoPro golf’ on YouTube you’ll see the vast array of ways the cameras are being used to bring a new perspective to golf! Another of their key attributes is just how tough they are. Having been originally developed for action sports, they were built to take a beating. Well there are videos online of people actually substituting their ball for one of these cameras and playing them from the bunker!

Other great videos out there include the ‘clubs eye-view’ where the camera is fixed to the clubface or on the shaft then footage is capture of the club during the swing. It really is the indestructible nature of this camera that allows golfers to do a lot with them. Golf seems to be going through a good period just now and people are starting to add new modern twists to the sport. The GoPro is a welcome addition to this and it will be great to see what else people decide to do with them on the course.

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