Topgolf – Leading the Charge in the Revolution of Golf

Golf is in a good place at the moment. Having been through a period of decline, things are on the up, and many factors are helping to drive this. One of the biggest new players in the golf game is changing the way people interact with our sport and it’s driving millions to pick up a club for the first time. This is Topgolf. Many golfers on All Square will have been to Topgolf but for those who haven’t you really should. Here’s why.

Topgolf – The Evolution of Play

Described by many as a cross between bowling and golf, whether you are a serious golfer or a first-timer, Topgolf is great fun! From the minute you arrive at one of the driving ranges, although it is so much more than just a range, you get a whole-new experience.


With an average of 26,000 visits per day in 2016 and more than half of their golfers aged between 18-34, this is a powerful new product. 37% of their golfers are new to the sport too, that is an awful lot of people trying golf out for the first time!

The Golf

When you get to your booth you’re faced with illuminated targets and big screens showing your score. Each ball has a chip in it to track your shots and you can choose between five games depending on your skill. This is the beauty of Topgolf. You can go with a group of serious golfers or a group of mixed-ability and still all compete together.

TopGolf Las Vegas

To be frank, the targets are hard to miss. This means that even first time golfers will score points when they go. If you are reading this then you are almost certainly a golfer. Remember the feeling you got after that first good shot you hit at a driving range? Well imagine that combined with good music, friends, drinks and getting points in a game! That will definitely make you want to come back!

Drinks, Dancing and Drives

The flagship Topgolf outlet, in Las Vegas, has a stage, a dancefloor, a swimming pool and a bar as well as the driving range. This, as you can see is an all encompassing entertainment venue with golf at it’s heart. Fun is one of the key core values of the company and they certainly succeed on this front.

TopGolf Pool

The drive by the brand on social media has assured that many golfers will have seen one of their ranges. With the company continuing to expand rapidly, there will probably be one near you now or in the future. Topgolf have becoming trendsetters in our sport and they are leading the development of a new world of golf.

Golf’s New Image

There is no doubt that golf is undergoing a bit of a personality change. Arguably nothing shows this more than Topgolf. With the sport becoming a bit less conservative in certain areas, more are seeing its appeal and this is very positive.

A new generation is consuming golf in a different way. Social media is such a part of modern life and this is helping to drive the modernisation of golf. If you wish to play golf the way it’s been played for centuries then you still can. Golf is rebranding though and it’s exciting to watch the revolution unfold.

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