The best new irons in 2020

Looking to invest in a new set of irons? Let’s take a look at the best new sets on the market, from Cobra, Callaway, Taylormade, PXG and Titleist.

Cobra King Speedzone

Cobra King Speedzone irons deliver extra distance thanks to a new carbon fibre topline and are designed with progressive head shapes, grooves and hosel lengths to optimise launch and spin throughout the set. They also feature extreme heel and toe weighting to lower the centre of gravity and increase MOI (twist resistance) and forgiveness. A PWRSHELL face insert is forged with a larger thin pocket from the heel to toe, and a deeper undercut to enhance ball speed and launch across the face. The range includes: King Speedzone, King Speedzone One-Length, and Women’s King Speedzone.

Callaway Mavrik

For the first time, Callaway has used Artificial Intelligence in an iron, creating sophisticated face architecture that’s unique to every loft, and a significant boost in ball speed and increased spin robustness. The custom tungsten-infused weights helps to locate the position of the CG with extraordinary precision while still maintaining ball speed in the Flash Face Cup. This promotes optimum launch and ball flight through the set, from strong lofts and player preferred trajectory, spin rates, and land angles. They have implemented their patented urethane microspheres to comprehensively absorb unwanted vibration for pure feel, while also maximizing COR for ball speed. The range includes: Mavrik, Mavrik Max, Mavrik Pro, Women’s Mavrik Max, and Women’s Mavrik Max Lite.

TaylorMade SIM Max

New TaylorMade irons deliver a forged-like feel in a distance iron. Revolutionary Speed Bridge technology strategically supports the topline of the iron to unlock explosive distance and forgiveness with improved sound and feel. ECHO® Damping System eliminates harsh vibrations. Patented Speed Pocket technology maximizes face flexibility. Ultra-thin 1.5mm face design with Progressive Inverted Cone Technology delivers extreme ball speed with an enhanced sweet spot. They have a low centre of gravity and the head is shaped to deliver an unmatched combination of distance, forgiveness, and playability. The range includes: SIM Max, SIM Max OS, SIM Max Ladies, and SIM Max OS Ladies.

PXG 0311P: 0311P Gen3, 0311T Gen 3, 0311XP Gen 3

PXG‘s new irons deliver an incredible combination of distance, forgiveness, accuracy, a huge sweet spot, and a soft feel. Powered with their new Patented Impact Reactor Technology and the world’s thinnest club face, these irons are 5-times forged then milled. The milled internal cavity is filled with a large volume COR2 Technology, leading to outstanding feel and forgiveness. The moderately sized, blade-style head appeals to a wide range of players who are looking for the ultimate in both forgiveness and playability. A balanced sole width will accommodate multiple swing styles.  The range includes: 0311P Gen3, 0311T Gen 3, and 0311XP Gen 3.

Titleist T: T100 S, T100, T200, T300, T400

These irons are designed to help better players score lower. Max Impact Technology means you get maximum speed from nearly any impact point on the face. A unique polymer core developed in partnership with Titleist golf ball R&D provides precise sound and dampening qualities. This leads to more repeatable distance from shot to shot. They feature an average of 90g of tungsten in the mid to long irons. That’s over a third of the overall clubhead weight strategically positioned on the heel and toe for outstanding MOI. The T200 forged face wraps around the sole to increase ball speed on the lower portion of the clubface. Paired with a progressive set design that moves the CG lower in the long irons, the result is superior ball flight. The range includes: T100 S, T100, T200, T300, and T400.

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