The best new wedges in 2020

If you’re considering buying some new wedges, we’ve taken a look at the best new options on the market, from leading brands including Titleist, Callaway and TaylorMade.

Titleist SM8

The Titleist SM8 wedges from Bob Vokey and his team have been designed to improve distance control, shot versatility, and spin. They feature the most complete lineup of loft, bounce, and grind combinations from Vokey yet. The wedges are labelled with loft first, followed by effective bounce and grind. All SM8 wedges are available in both right hand and left hand and come in four different finishes: Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel, Jet Black and Raw.

Callaway JAWS MD5

The Callaway JAWS MD5 wedges have been crafted by Callaway Chief Designer Roger Cleveland to improve total performance: premium shapes, striking finishes, outstanding feel, unique versatility and exceptional spin. The range includes: JAWS MD5 Platinum Chrome Wedges; JAWS MD5 Tour Grey Wedges; JAWS MD5 Raw Wedges; and, JAWS MD5 Callaway Customs Wedges.

TaylorMade Milled Grind 2

The TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 wedges combine precision-milling with Raw Face Technology designed for increased spin, precision and feel. MG2’s face features several new innovations engineered to maximize spin. The Milled Grind Sole maximizes consistency and produces optimal turf interaction. The Thick-Thin Head design redistributes mass and optimizes CG location. The TPU Insert in the back cavity is designed to provide vibration dampening. They are available in both matte black and satin chrome.

Cleveland CBX Full Face

The Cleveland CBX Full-Face is a highly versatile yet forgiving wedge, designed specifically for extreme open-face shots around the green. Cleveland’s CBX Full-Face expands the wedge lineup and delivers added forgiveness and versatility to your short game. They feature a high toe profile, half-cavity design and a low-C-Shaped sole for maximum short game versatility. The wide sole and overall blade profile take the fear out of flop shots.

PXG 0311 Forged

The PXG 0311 wedges give golfers the ability to control trajectory and maximize spin. Available in one versatile sole design that performs very well from all types of grass and conditions. CNC milled grooves, including the groove edge radius, take the wedge to the legal limit in the name of spin and ball control. Milled grooves have been designed to yield the maximum amount of spin on shorter shots near the green while optimizing spin on longer shots from the fairway.

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