All Square launches digital scorecard with live stats & leaderboards

We are excited to announce our new free scoring feature on the All Square app. As part of our mission to connect golfers around the world, we believe this new feature will increase user engagement and offer many firsts. 

We have decided to go mobile first with the scoring feature which will allow you to enter scores via your iPhone and Android devices. While you won’t be able to enter scores via the website, you will be able to analyze your scorecard and stats on your desktop or laptop. 

Scoring lets you record your round of golf on a digital scorecard, keep track of key statistics to help improve your game and enjoy live leaderboards to drive excitement. Once you finish recording your round, you can easily share it with fellow All Square users.

How it works

On the first tee, simply select “check-in” and then “start a round”. Select the golf course you wish to play and the app will automatically take you to the game creation mode. 

From here, just add basic information like the date / number of holes / format / playing partners (if you have any). There are currently two different formats you can choose to play: strokeplay (gross & net) and stableford (gross & net).

You can also update a player’s handicap and pick a preferred tee box. Make sure to pick the right one as it will impact your playing handicap. 

You can then decide if you want to keep your round private or allow others to see it. Then choose who can edit scores and you’re ready to go!

Get to know your game

Scoring will provide you with a score for your round as well as basic and advanced statistics to help improve your game. 

In the regular statistics option, you can record the following statistics:

Those key statistics are used to calculate greens in regulation (GIR), putting and scrambling stats automatically.

For more advanced players, we have an ‘Advanced Stats’ option which can be activated at any time during your round. In the advanced statistics, you can record additional data to analyse your game in more detail:

You can also decide not to record statistics for specific players from the settings menu. Just toggle the players you wish to deactivate statistics for. 

You can analyse your performance at any time during your round, and after you have recorded several rounds, you’ll have an average of your statistics which can be filtered for a specific season or for a number of past rounds in your personal profile. 

The idea is to offer golfers of all skill levels a simple way to analyze their game and use those insights to improve their performance. 

Connecting golfers 

Scoring will help you engage even more with your friends and fellow golfers on All Square.

We’ve added features like: share your round, invite friends to join your game, see your friends’ rounds and statistics, and check leaderboards. You can also activate push notifications to notify your friends of live actions like eagles, birdies, finished rounds, final standings and more. 

In your newsfeed you will find a ‘Live Games’ section which lets you see who in your network is currently playing a round. Just click on their profile picture and you’ll be redirected to the live leaderboard where you can follow scores and view individual scorecards. 

At the end of a round, you can create a special check-in post with your score, images or videos and text. This post will be visible to friends in their newsfeed and on your personal timeline. A ‘View Game’ button will allow them to view your game, its leaderboard and scorecards.  

You’ll be able to see who has viewed your game and up to what hole. Similar to friends seeing your Instagram or Facebook stories. 

User – friendly

Scoring is easy to use with a friendly user experience, and it’s very interactive too. The All Square app is growing, but we are trying to keep it as simple as possible. This is why we took time to give this feature the most user-friendly look and feel. 

Scoring is very fast and can keep up with you when you’re in a rush. Even if you don’t have time to finish your round, we’ve got your back! You can save your game and continue it later. 

If your friends are not on the app yet, not a problem. You can create a temporary player. Or if you always play with the same group on a Sunday morning, you can create that group and save it once, so you don’t have to do it again.

Scorecard updates 

We are continually adding and updating scorecards for over 33,000 golf courses around the world, so that our users can have accurate information when entering their scores. 

Should you encounter a scorecard issue, just hit the “Incorrect Scorecard?” button below the scorecard and we’ll receive your message and screenshot! If your timing fits with our working hours, we’ll be very quick. 

We are only getting started!

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the new scoring feature and its future. Rest assured there is much more to come… 

We are preparing a tournament mode which will allow you and club managers to manage a tournament from start to end with tee times, live leaderboards and individual statistics from your mobile device. We will also be working on additional game formats like matchplay and team modes. 

But more importantly, we will be listening closely to our community’s feedback and will make sure to incorporate the best ideas to make our scoring feature a must for every golfer around the world. 

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