Exclusive Interview with Trickshot Artist Romain Bechu

All Square sat down for an exclusive interview with professional golfer and trickshot artist, Romain Bechu. The seven-times French amateur champion’s promising career on the Challenge Tour was cut short by injury, but he re-invented himself and now travels the world performing tricks which have left the world of golf in awe. 

We asked him about his passion for performing, his bucket-list golf course, and much more. 

Part 1: About You 

How did you get into golf? 

I moved to Hossegor in southwest France when I was 10 years old. I started to play more golf then with my dad.

Can you tell us a bit more about your background?

My dad had been a really good tennis player, so I played a lot of tennis when I was younger. Then I got injured while I was snowboarding in the winter. I didn’t play tennis for maybe nearly a year. When I came back I wasn’t patient at all with all the kids beating me, so I decided to play golf.

How did your passion for juggling started?

I started juggling when I was maybe 13. We were living next to the Spanish border, and the best juggling kids were coming from there. I spent some time with them during the summer, at all the kids’ tournaments in the southwest of France.

Can you tell us about your experience of juggling under the Eiffel Tower and on an empty Trocadero?

The story of the Eiffel tower is a great memory for me as we went to film the clip at 6am on a hot August day. It was my first clip in the city and I took a lot of pleasure from doing it. 

The ball I hit from a guy’s mouth at the end of the clip, he was a pedestrian who had come out of a nightclub. He came to us and asked us to do it. I was pretty stressed about it. I believe it’s the first time I did it, but knew I wouldn’t miss the ball. But still I was stressed 🙂

Most of your videos make your skills look so easy. Can you share a video of a skill you are most proud of? 

I think the video I am most proud of is probably the Salty Golfers in Morocco part 1. I was with Benjamin Hebert, a real good friend of mine who is playing on the European Tour. We had so much fun doing it and I believe it’s my best. I think I really like it because I juggled while surfing and I had this in mind for quite a time. 

The video at Wentworth with the European Tour was one of my best memories as well. To spend some time with the Tour and all those legends was amazing. Plus doing Tricks in London was a dream too.

Which French professional golfer are you most impressed by and why?

My favourite French golfer is Benjamin Hebert, of course. Because he’s a good friend and he’s a great surfer too. We have many amazing golfers in France, both older and younger. Victor Perez, Alex Levy, Romain Langasque, Victor Dubuisson, Mathieu Pavon, Mike Lorenzo – Vera, Raphael Jacquelin, Gregory Havret. I am really impressed with what Victor Perez did Last year. It was crazy to play that good!

Part 2: Golf Courses & Travel 

Your favourite golf course ever?

I believe my favourite golf course in the world is Nirwana Bali Golf Club in Bali, designed by Greg Norman. The view is amazing and the course is really tricky. It’s in great shape and there are world-class waves just in front of it as well.

Your favourite course in France?

My favourite course in France is Golf de Seignosse. I have played it a million times. The design is amazing. I love it and I grew up next to it as well.

Your favourite course on Tour?

My favourite course on Tour has to be in Morocco. Tazegzout Golf Club, next to Agadir. I want my last tournament to be there, in front of a lot of cheering friends. There are world class waves in front of it as well. It’s got amazing views from the cliffs. Such great memories there.

First course you ever played?

The first course I ever played was Provence Country Club in southeast France, just before my 10th birthday with my dad. He was working for Air France In Marseille and it’s the area I lived from when I was born. I was not really hitting the ball on the course, but just climbing all the trees was my passion.

The best golf course in the world?

I think the best golf course has to be Carnoustie. I played The Open there and it’s such an amazing test of golf. I love this place.

The #1 course on your bucket list?

The #1 on my bucket list has to be Augusta National for sure. I would love to play out there one day in my life!

The course you’d play if you just had one more round to play?

I think if I had just one more round to play, it would be to fly out to Fancourt in South Africa with a group of friends and play The Links course for my last round. This is such an amazing course. I love it there!

Most scenic golf course you’ve played?

The most scenic golf course I have played I believe is a little nine-hole course in Crescent Head, New South Wales, Australia. It’s on a little hill that goes up to an ocean cliff that’s got a view of some of the best waves on the coast. 

I think what I love the most about this place is the vibe of the locals who just go out there enjoying a little game of golf game with family and then go surfing. The sunsets are amazing!

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