Luke Donald’s Lockdown Golf Tips

Stuck at home and desperate to get back to the golf course? Check out these brilliant tips and drills from former world number one Luke Donald which can be done at home during lockdown. You don’t even need a garden!

How to practice pitching when you’re stuck at home

Pitching practice: Here is a very simple way to check you have the correct path in pitching when you are stuck inside.

How to cure the dreaded slice

Shallow your swing: Some great exercises to help you shallow your swing at the top and avoid that dreaded slice! 

Posture and how to get it right

Get your posture right: Just spending a few minutes a day checking your posture in the mirror while stuck inside can really help you down the road.

Takeaway tips (not food deliveries)

A good takeaway: For those that really get the club too inside and shut going back, this is a simple drill to help correct that.

Closing the club face like a pro

Closing the wrists sooner: While we are all stuck at home, working on this internally with slow repetitions without actually hitting balls can really pay off.

Easy drill for your downswing

Downswing drill: Another good visual drill to help you feel the correct release from the top of the swing.

How to use ground forces

Ground forces: Start your swing from the ground up with this great drill that can be done indoors and when hitting full shots on the range (when we are all lucky enough to be able to do that again!).

Sequencing drill between upper and lower body

Sequencing drill: This is a simple but effective drill we can do at home to work on allowing our hands and arms to work down in transition in the correct sequence.

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Hans-Ulrich Hügli
Hans-Ulrich Hügli
2 years ago

This is an extremely helpful training which I start to exercise regularly as from today.

2 years ago

Very interesting thank you Luke.

2 years ago

Very helpful tips!! thank you so much Luke for your time explaining them so clearly!! best regards Tomas

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