New Mizuno Pro 24X series irons

Mizuno’s new Pro 24X series forged irons includes the 241 blades, the 243 speed cavity and the 245 hollow body – and one extra model, the Fli-Hi utility.

In 2022 Mizuno launched the JPX923 irons, designed to help all golfers maximise their game, particularly amateur players with moderate or slower swing speeds. But this new Pro 24X series is an update on the previous 22X models from two years ago. The Japanese brand says there has been “significant improvements”.

The new lineup focuses on precision distance and tour-level speed. The Pro 241 is a muscleback blade designed for superior feel and control, while the Pro 243 is a cavity back which features wider micro-slots to boost ball speeds and to ease blending of lofts. The Pro 245 is a hollow body iron intended for distance with a smaller player-friendly profile.

Most casual golfers will go for the Pro 245 model as they have a hollow construction designed for added forgiveness. The 2-iron down through the 7-iron on this model have interior tungsten weighting for improved stability while the 9-iron through gap wedge have smaller heads.

Mizuno also introduced the hollow-body Pro Fli-Hi iron created as a substitute for those not wanting to hit hybrids in 2-, 3- and 4-iron lofts.

Mizuno Pro 241

Muscleback Blade: Better player/professional irons. This is the smallest blade Mizuno has ever made. The smaller head though comes with a greater mass which has been placed behind the hitting area. More mass means more speed through the ball, which results in more distance. Though this extra mass makes the iron look thicker, the top line is thinner which makes it seem smaller when at address which is great for golfers who don’t want a huge change in appearance in the irons they use.

Mizuno Pro 243

Tour Cavity Back: Better player irons. The 243 has been designed for ball-speed in the long/mid irons particularly, making them a good option for combination iron sets. Mizuno have created a thinner face, which when combined with the micro-slots, allows for more face flex and therefore more ball speed. Sole slot 4- through 7-iron.

Mizuno Pro 245 iron

Hollow Body: Game-improvement irons. This model is aimed at higher-handicap players due to the extreme forgiveness. The 245 also feature a multi-thickness face that is thinner particularly low on the hitting area. Internal tungsten weight 2- through 7-iron.

Pro Fli-Hi iron

A long iron replacement with an emphasis on ball speed and consistent flight. Designed to be played with a Hybrid shaft. This model as a longer head length, a little extra offset and a wider sole than the Mizuno Pro 225 long irons, a bendable 431SS body, a MAS1C face for increased ball speeds and a 21g Tungsten weight for improved stability. Harmonic Impact Technology produces a satisfying sound, while In terms of looks they come in a fully blacked out ION plating.

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