PXG 0311 Gen5 driver

Time to upgrade your driver? The new low-spin PXG 0311 Gen5 provides distance and forgiveness along with adjustable loft and weighting technology for shot shaping and trajectory.

The new Gen 5 driver – which comes in two models: the 0311 Gen5 and 0311 XF Gen5 – comes after the release of the PXG 0311 Gen5 irons.


The Gen5 boasts a forged titanium construction providing a soft, responsive feel. And it has a sleek matte black finish and PXG’s signature skull and crossbones logo on the crown. The full-on carbon crown itself is infused with aluminium vapour which increases stiffness and reduces energy loss.

The major feature of the Gen5 driver is its distance, but it’s designed for a wide variety of skill levels too. It’s low-spin and has a large sweet spot and low centre of gravity, which makes it easier to launch off the tee. It’s also incredibly forgiving on off-centre hits. This is because of the club’s high MOI and variable face thickness technology which reduces distance loss on mis-hits, which we can all relate to.

The shape of the crown has an enhanced curve to improve aerodynamics while a tall, deep face design helps produce maximum ball speed and distance. Another plus, the Gen5 driver has a medium-high pitch sound at impact, higher than the Gen4 models. So it’s not too loud. The club also has a soft and responsive feel, which provides great feedback on shots.

This driver is basically an upgrade on the preceding 0811 X Gen4 driver with higher MOI and more length. Overall, it’s a good-looking, game improvement driver and comes in 7.5, 9 and 10.5 degrees of loft. 

PXG driver


One of the big benefits of the Gen5 driver is its adjustability. The club features PXG’s patented adjustable sole weight technology, which gives golfers the ability to customize the club’s centre of gravity and spin rate to their individual swing and ball flight preferences.

One light (2.5g) and two heavy (7.5g) sole weights provide head weight adjustability and trajectory fine-tuning. These weights are interchangeable for preferred spin and bias setting. These weights come in a three port set-up. More weight in the heel moves the centre of gravity to the heel, making it easier to square the face at impact, creating a draw bias. More weight to the toe port creates an anti-hook fade bias, where more mass at the back of the head creates a higher MOI, more forgiving driver.

There’s also adjustability in the hosel. PXG’s adjustable hosel can change the loft (+/-) 1.5 degrees to optimize trajectory.

0311 Gen5 & 0311 XF Gen5 compared

The 0311 Gen5 driver is built for distance, while the second model, the XF, is designed for forgiveness. The 0311 has a traditional shape and has 25% higher MOI than the previous Gen 4 driver. The FX has a large, confidence-inspiring shape and has 22% higher MOI than the XF Gen4 & 6% higher MOI than 0311 Gen5.

The 0311 has a higher, curved crown for improved aerodynamics and distance, while the FX has a flatter, larger crown and deep front-to-back shape for maximum forgiveness. The 0311 has a tall, deep face to deliver maximum ball speed and distance, while the FX has a large, long face to expand the hitting zone for off-centre forgiveness.

RRP: £399.

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