TaylorMade’s New Spider GT putters

TaylorMade has expanded its highly popular Spider GT putter family with the launch of four new models delivering high performance for every type of golfer.

TaylorMade’s Spider revolutionized the putter market since its introduction in 2008, and has been used by major winners Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy and Jason Day. The Spider range proved extremely popular by offering bigger and more forgiving putters, and by combining the feel and release of a toe-hang putter with the forgiveness of a mallet.

For the new range, TaylorMade wanted to provide golfers with even more forgiveness on off-centre strikes, so they moved weight out of the middle of the putter and pushed it out onto the perimeters to drive up MOI. ‘Moment of Inertia’ is a measure of a club’s resistance to twisting at impact. The higher the MOI, the more forgiveness you’ll get in an off-centre hit.

The new line leads with the Spider GT, then there’s the Spider GT Notchback, Spider GT Rollback and the Spider GT Splitback. 

Spider GT

This has a modern wing design and ultra-lightweight 145g top plate made from 6061 aluminium which eliminates excess weight in the middle of the putter. It’s also got a brand new open frame multi-material design featuring two 90g steel side weights that push 82 percent of the putter’s total weight out to the perimeter. This provides more stability and higher MOI.

Spider GT’s design has a Pure Roll2 insert in the face made of aluminum and urethane for improved forward roll and speed consistency. It comes in single bend, centre shaft or short slant hosel options, each with the TaylorMade Fluted Feel shaft and a Super Stroke GT 1.0 Black/Red grip. The white women’s option, with light blue wings, has a Light Blue/Gray grip. It comes in four anodized finishes, silver, black, red and white for the women’s model, which also features a three-dot sightline for alignment. Price €390.

Spider GT Notchback

This has a familiar mid-mallet shape and has its centre of gravity the furthest forward within the line-up to make face rotation easier. It has a lightweight 6061 aluminum body and has 86g dual-tungsten weights on the outside (heel and toe), to provide stability, forgiveness and distance control. TaylorMade says it produces the highest MOI ever created by a mid-size mallet Spider. Price €330.

Spider GT Rollback

This is a classic half-moon design enhanced by a heavy tungsten rollbar that wraps around the back for added perimeter weighting and boosted stability. It’s got a raised, curved centre section, the same width as a golf ball, that makes it easier to centre the ball at address and three black sightlines to provide clear alignment.

it’s got the longest sightlines of the new models. It comes in either the high-contrast black model with one alignment line or in silver with a triple-line for better aim. Both the Notchback and Rollback feature a tri-sole design that allows golfers to set the putter square on the ground without changing the face angle. Price €330.

Spider GT Splitback

This features a split-winged design that distributes weight around the perimeter for a high MOI. There’s no aluminum in this model; it has a 304-stainless steel construction. A steel body provides more perimeter weighting than one made of aluminium. The extra weight of steel is offset by injecting the wings with urethane foam. The GT Splitback also features TruePath, TaylorMade’s ball alignment and stroke aid. The black/white contrast and arrow-shaped back edge helps players visualize their stroke and the ball path before taking a putt. Price €330.

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