TaylorMade’s new Stealth black irons & Bomber iron

TaylorMade has gone to the dark side with the new limited-edition black version of its Stealth irons, as well as the new black Stealth Bomber iron.

Earlier this year, TaylorMade upgraded its ground-breaking Stealth range of clubs with the Stealth 2 drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids. The Stealth irons remained the same but with the addition of a brand new HD model which offered a hybrid-like performance from an iron.

Now, TaylorMade is releasing the limited-edition Stealth Black irons, a cool-looking dark-finished version of the Stealth irons with a high-gloss finish which are sure to turn a few heads on the range. These game improvement irons are now also style improvement irons with a darkly sleek and premium appearance.

It’s not the first time TaylorMade has painted it black. In 2021, the brand released the third generation of the P.790 irons, then, in April this year, released the P.790 Black irons. The darker clubs got a lot of positive attention on social media.

Irons usually come in a chrome finish, but golf club manufacturers started about a decade ago to release irons in black, where a PVD finish (physical vapor deposition) was put on top of the steel to give the clubs a darker or black look. TaylorMade claims the PVD finish is strong and durable, but will wear and fade over time in the hitting area and on the sole.

TaylorMade’s new Stealth Black irons offer a black finish on the entire Stealth irons line. And just like with the recently launched P.790 irons with a black PVD finish, the Stealth Black irons come with matching black shafts, the KBS MAX MT. They are available in 4-iron through to AW (49 degrees of loft).

Stealth irons feature game improvement tech in the form of a multi-material carbon Cap Back design which allows the face to flex without affecting the centre of gravity. The design is focused around a low-density polymer that supports the topline and cavity to add rigidity to the head, which is hollow-bodied with a stainless steel face. They have a Speed Pocket slot to allow the lower part of the face to flex more easily, and TaylorMade’s Echo Dampening system reduces vibrations to improve sound and feel.

The Stealth Black irons have been released almost at the same time as brand’s Stealth Bomber driving iron, which comes in a unique blacked-out PVD matte finish. The new Stealth Bomber joins the Stealth UHY and Stealth UDI driving irons as alternatives to a driver or 3-wood off the tee when finding the fairway is a must.

The black Stealth Bomber driving iron has 17 degrees of loft and comes with a 40-inch shaft. The stock shaft is a UST Mamiya Recoil Dart in 90S or 105X, and the stock grip is a Golf Pride Z-Grip 360 58 Round +2. There’s a bomb graphic instead of the club number on the club’s toe and it comes with a head cover inspired by the sharks painted on the side of WWII fighter planes.

The club shares the same tech as TaylorMade Stealth irons, so the game improvement Stealth iron technology has now been brought to a driving iron with a cool-looking black finish.

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