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TaylorMade has upgraded its ground-breaking Stealth range from last year with the Stealth 2 drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons. We look at which type of golfer each club is suited to.

Stealth 2 Drivers

Stealth Driver

TaylorMade’s Stealth 2 driver range builds on 2022’s first-generation Stealth, which heralded a new era for drivers with its full carbon face. The Stealth 2 has even more carbon and is the first driver in TaylorMade’s history to feature more carbon than any other material. Carbon is super lightweight, so more weight can be more moved out of areas where it isn’t optimal.

Stealth 2 has taken that ground-breaking innovation and added improvements across the three models in the 2023 range: Stealth 2, Stealth 2 Plus and Stealth 2 HD – and club golfers as well as professional players will benefit.

Scottie Scheffler, a TaylorMade staffer, has already upgraded to the new Stealth 2 Plus model, and Nelly Korda, the world No. 2-ranked female golfer, who this month signed an equipment deal with TaylorMade, has switched straight to using the new Stealth 2 HD driver. In testing she liked the look and feel of its draw-bias head.

The 60-layer carbon face has returned for 2023 across the three drivers, but the clubs now feature Advanced Inverted Cone Technology. The face is now thinner on the edges and thicker in the centre, improving off-centre strikes.

Stealth 2 – The standard model is easier to launch and delivers a high MOI performance thanks to a 25-gram tungsten weight in the back of the clubhead. (MOI stands for ‘moment of inertia’. The higher the MOI, the more forgiving the club will be).

Stealth 2 Plus – There is a weight track which allows players to dial in their ball flight so they can control shot shape by moving this weight towards either the toe or the heel. It’s the lowest spinning model in the range and is aimed at faster swing speeds and better ball strikers.

Stealth 2 HD – The HD stands for high draw. The most forgiving and stable with a draw bias. There’s a 30-gram weight at the back of the head, closer to the heel to help your ball flight draw.

Stealth 2 Fairway Woods

Stealth 2 Woods

Stealth 2 – This model pushes the centre of gravity down to make it easier to launch and more forgiving. V-steel sole technology improves turf interaction making it the most versatile from various lies.

Stealth 2 Plus – Features a 50-gram sliding weight on the sole. Moving this weight forward reduces spin and creates a lower penetrating trajectory, moving it back increases spin, launch and MOI. You can also alter spin by using the adjustable hosel to change the loft.

Stealth 2 HD – The most forgiving model with an oversized head. It has a large low profile at address which increases MOI. Internal weighting promotes a draw bias.

Stealth 2 Hybrids


Stealth 2 – Lower CG for easier launch and spin. A mass pad at the back of the clubhead increases MOI for more forgiveness and playability.

Stealth 2 Plus – A compact tour-inspired shaping, designed for better players who want a club that is more workable but still has plenty of forgiveness.

Stealth 2 HD – A larger but lower profile creates forgiveness and higher shots with a draw bias. Designed to help players with lower club head speeds to get the ball in the air.

Stealth 2 HD Irons

Stealth HD Irons

TaylorMade’s 2022 Stealth irons are back for 2023, but with a brand new HD model. A relief for most weekend club golfers, these are game improvement irons designed to give a hybrid-like performance from an iron. Hybrids for a lot of golfers can feel easier to hit than long irons.

The clubhead has an ultra-low profile in the long irons. This helps club golfers launch those tricky long iron shots. The HD irons also have progressive head sizes. The 5-iron is the largest, down to the smallest, the pitching wedge.

In more help to club golfers, they have a slight draw bias and weaker lofts which optimise carry, launch angle and spin at slow to moderate swing speeds.

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