Tech Thursday – Discover Orange Whip

Today is Tech Thursday and we would like to present to you an innovative product line that helps golfers be consistent in their direction and distance control.

The Orange Whip accelerates the learning process by providing a perfect and immediate feedback on your golf swing. Its elegant and innovative design combines a counterweighting system and flexible shaft that offers a revolutionary way to improve your golf swing.

Another great innovation provided by the company is the Orange Peel. Jim Hackenberg, PGA Professional and developer of the Orange Whip Training products, was inspired to develop the Orange Peel by analysing Leornado Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. The painting portraits a man standing inside a circle with his feet positioned in a perfect way to centre and balance his core. Hackenberg’s invention is a platform portion of the bottom of a 9-foot sphere that allows the hips to get engaged, obtain balance and posting-up better with with less lateral motion and more rotary motion.

Jim Hardy, 2007 National PGA Teacher of the Year and author of “The Plane Truth,” recommends the Orange Whip as an incredible product that gives his students  “the feedback and feel necessary to execute a correct golf swing.” He uses the product with his Tour Pros and Amateur students.

Have you tried the Orange Whip Training products? Tell us about it!

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