Titleist launches new TSR Drivers & Fairway Metals

Titleist has launched their new TSR range of drivers and fairways metals, which have proved popular among Tour pros including Justin Thomas, Matt Fitzpatrick and Cameron Smith.

The new TSR Drivers feature three new models for every type of golfer, while the new fairway metals help improve what Titleist call the ‘Four ‘F’s’: flight, feel, form and forgiveness.

Over 80 players on the PGA Tour have already made the switch to TSR drivers, including Smith who won the 150th Open at St. Andrews with Titleist’s new TSR model in the bag, as did runner-up Cam Young.

Smith said: “It’s faster, and it seems to be a little bit more consistent on my misses.” This was echoed by Justin Thomas, who said: “The biggest difference is the spin. When I heel it, it doesn’t spin crazy high and when I toe it, it’s somehow spinning a little more. It’s unbelievable in terms of misses.”

Will Zalatoris, who claimed his first PGA Tour victory at the FedEx St. Jude Championship with a TSR3 driver in the bag, said: “The mishits for me were exponentially better.”

TSR Drivers

TSR drivers

There are three models in the range: the TSR2, TSR3 and TSR4. Together, they provide options for golfers and swings of all kinds.

All three models feature improved and advanced aerodynamics with a new ‘boat tail’ shape that houses the swing weight, moving an element of drag away from the club sole.

For these clubs, Titleist has continued to use premium aerospace grade titanium, which adds strength and durability.

The TSR2 has the CG lower and further forward. Designed for maximum speed and stability. This model is the longest in the range but also the most forgiving.

The TSR3 provides precision tuning with the SureFit Adjustable CG Track System on the sole so the CG can be dialed in to suit each player’s swing and impact location.

The TSR4 has two CG options: distance through the lowest spin possible or a blend of lower spin and forgiveness. The smallest model in the range with a compact 430cc head. For those who want to reduce excess spin to improve their driving distance and control.

RRP: $599 / £529

Lofts: 8, 9, 10, 11

TSR Fairway Metals

TSR woods

This new range features three models with upgraded technology and refinements: the TSR2, TSR2+ and TSR3.

For these clubs, Titleist has moved the centre of gravity deeper and lower and closer to the centre of the face. This creates more forgiveness, higher launch and speed. Each model has a slightly different CG to provide different ball flights.

The TSR2 has more weight lower, giving it the lowest CG in the range, making it the easiest to hit high.

The TSR2+ is the most forgiving club in this range, for players who want an alternative to their driver off the tee.

The TSR3 has a sole with five-position adjustable CG track system to fine-tune performance for better players who want more workability. It’s designed to launch slightly lower for players who want a more penetrating ball flight.

More than 60 PGA Tour players are already using them, including Zalatoris, who had a Titleist TSR2+ fairway in the bag at the FedEx St. Jude Championship.

He said: “This is an absolute rocket. It’s the best 3-wood I’ve ever had. It’s pretty cool to be able to have something besides driver that I can hit off the tee and basically hit it as far as I want. And then if I need to hit it high and soft into greens.”

RRP: $349 / £289

Lofts: 15, 16.5, 18, 21

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