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Cobra Puma Golf’s Quest to Change the Face of Golf

If you look up the history of Cobra you will see a brand that from their inception have been leaders in technology and a brand that have really driven the modernisation of golf. Founded in 1973 by Australian Thomas Crow, as a company they have been the first to introduce many components of modern golf technology. This ethos has never left the company but is stronger than ever as they are now partnered with Puma. Golf can be seen as a stuffy game, and with its many traditions and rules is viewed by many as uncool. There is, without doubt, no company trying to change this perception more than Cobra Puma Golf.


The hardware branch of the brand was purchased from Acushnet in 2010 and this move has been a very positive one for the company. As part of the Acushnet family they were often seen as the understudy to Titleist but now it is its own entity and they have really benefited from this. One of the most exiting amateurs in recent years, Bryson DeChambeau, turned pro after The Masters and all eyes were on him to see what brand he became associated with. He is now a Cobra player and this is a big feather in the cap of the brand. DeChambeau, often referred to as the golfing scientist due to his unorthodox approach to the game, chose Cobra due to their innovative take on golf technology.


Created by Rudolf Dassler, the brother of Adi Dassler (founder of Adidas), Puma is a brand that is probably more known for football and track than any other sports. Cobra Puma’s headline athlete, Rickie Fowler, is a marketing teams dream with his boyish good looks and mass appeal. It just so happens that the kid is also a great golfer. Much has been made of his wardrobe of late with his hi-top basketball-style golf shoes and cuffed trousers, as they say though, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Growing the game

It is probably time for a change in golf and modernisation may be just what the sport needs. With participation in decline we, as a sport, need to find ways to regain the interest of youngsters as they decide what sports they want to master. Whether you like what brands like Nike and Cobra Puma are doing or not, one thing is clear, if people are talking about it then it’s working.

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