TaylorMade launches Qi10 Family

TaylorMade has launched the Qi10 family of drivers, fairways woods, hybrids and irons, designed to be the brand’s most advanced and forgiving clubs yet. Here’s a quick rundown.

Tiger Woods recently had the Qi10 LS driver in the bag at the Hero World Challenge, while Rory McIlroy and Tommy Fleetwood have also had the Qi10 LS in play.

TaylorMade has in recent years released the innovative Stealth and Stealth 2 lines, and this continues in 2024 with the Qi10 family which the brand says offers the ultimate blend of distance and forgiveness. Most attention has been given to new levels of forgiveness – which will be a benefit to golfers of all skill levels.

Tiger Qi10 driver

The term MOI, or ‘Moment of Inertia’, is a measure of a club’s resistance to twisting at impact. The higher the MOI, the more forgiving the club. The Qi10 Max driver in this new range of clubs achieves a total MOI of 10,000 g-cm² (10K). All models in the range, though not quite this high, have an increased MOI when compared to the Stealth 2 range which had an MOI around the 8K mark.


The TaylorMade Qi10 Family features a new level of technology in four main areas:

Advanced Construction with Infinity Crown: Strategic mass redistribution, enabling a deep and low Center of Gravity (CG) for optimal launch and spin control while maintaining the high MOI. This new crown covers 97% of the top surface creating a clean look.

Optimized Head Shape: A shallower head shape that extends from front to back which contributes significantly to MOI by allowing mass to be placed further from the centre of the clubhead.

Qi10 drivers

Carbon Twist Face: This creates more efficient energy transfer and uses corrective face angles to produce straighter shots on mis-hits.

Torque-Control Shaft: This features a shaft with lower torque for improved face closure at impact.


TaylorMade’s 2024 drivers come in three different models: the Qi10, the Qi10 LS and the Qi10 Max.

Qi10 Driver

Qi10 – The Qi10 offers all-round performance with a lower CG projection and higher MOI than the Stealth 2. It has been engineered to help golfers optimize distance and enhance forgiveness. The new supporting structure promotes faster ball speeds while improving durability. The slightly larger shape at address inspires confidence. This model comes with a 4° loft sleeve that allows +/- 2° of loft adjustment.

Qi10 LS – This model is for higher swing speed golfers who want low spin performance. An adjustable 18g weight allows for more flight control to create the desired draw or fade bias.

Qi10 Max – For golfers looking for a new level of forgiveness. The Qi10 Max has the highest MOI in TaylorMade history at 10,000g/cm. Strategic mass placement allows the golfer to square up more easily at address for straighter drives.

Fairway woods

Both the fairways and hybrids come in three models: Qi10, Qi10 Tour and Qi10 Max.

Qi10 fw

Qi10 – Like the driver, this is for all-around performance. It will help achieve longer distance with the new Infinity Carbon Crown, which frees up mass for optimal weight distribution. The mid-face height and 190cc head allow for easy launch and versatility for all levels fo golfer. The lower CG projection provides additional forgiveness and distance. It comes with a 4° loft sleeve that allows +/- 2° of loft adjustment.

Qi10 Tour – This model has the addition of a 50g sliding weight to maximize control and optimize distance, launch and spin. The head is 170cc, so it’s a more compact, tour-inspired size, providing both forgiveness and versatility.

Qi10 Max – For extreme forgiveness. A larger, 200cc head size and low CG allow for an extremely high launch and optimal carry distance. Vsteel technology improves turf interaction and versatility.


Qi10 Hybrids

Qi10 – All-round versatility in a wide array of lofts that can go in the bag of a broad range of golfers. Internal front-back split weighting produces high launch and long distance, while the advanced laser alignment feature allows for precision aim.

Qi10 Tour – This is for golfers who want a combination of distance, workability and control. Internal weighting on the heel-toe provides added forgiveness and a more compact shape at adress. There’s an adjustable 3° loft sleeve to tune in distance, trajectory and shot shape.

Qi10 Max – This is for maximum forgiveness as well as high launch and long carry. A shallower face height helps achieve a high launch and it’s available in lofts up to 35° for easier club combinations in your bag.

Qi10 Irons

The Qi10 Irons are game improvement irons which blend a minimalistic look with advanced multi-material technology.

Qi10 irons

These irons feature a new face technology to control flexing and eliminate cut spin, and each head has been designed to deliver specific performance for that individual iron. Also, the CG location has been tailored for each iron, lower in the long irons to promote an easier launch and higher in the short irons for more flight control.

The Cap Back design of the Qi10 irons merges the benefits of a hollow body iron with a more traditional cavity back by replacing a large section of the rear with a lightweight carbon cap. This helps to lower the centre of gravity for better feel.

LightQi HL irons

Qi10 HL irons

To go with the standard Qi10 irons, TaylorMade has released the LightQi HL irons for golfers who struggle to get the ball in the air. These irons have lofts that are on average two degrees higher than the standard Qi10 and are built with lighter components.

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