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Redifining the way golfers connect and travel around the world

Launched these very days, the newly founded company All Square Ltd* is a story of friendship mixed with love for the old game and passion for entrepreneurship. Graduates from HEC Lausanne, Arthur de Rivoire and Patrick Rahme, keen golfers, are convinced that the future of the internet is to gather people around specific themes and interests instead of huge communities as for now.

Golf has been a huge part of their life since a very young age. It is a sport that has the particularity of making people addicted and represents a strong community. But as of today, both Arthur and Patrick believe there isn’t any reference platform allowing golfers to stay connected and share experiences internationally, thus a new internet platform which objective is to redefine the way golfers connect and travel around the world. is engineered to bring players together from all parts of the world. Every one of them has had some great experiences in his golfing history. Sharing these moments with friends at any time around the world will be unique, claim the young entrepreneurs.

All Square is international and its future will naturally comprise the USA and Asia. Golf in China is a growing industry. The number of golfers is projected to grow from 1.5 million to about 3 millions by 2020. With golf set to return to the Olympic games in 2016, growth will certainly be accelerated which is a great thing for the game itself.

Joining All Square, labeled the first and exclusive international social network for golfers, is free of charge. The members will share and compare golf experiences with their friends as well as discover some of the best courses around the world thanks to an interactive and relevant guide. Furthermore, strong partnerships are already launched with some of the world’s best travel agencies and leading luxury concierge clubs providing members with both, exclusive deals on the finest golf trips and great rates on many destinations. has already been included in the European Golf Association’s strategic plan to promote golf in Europe. This key partnership has given the startup a lot of credibility towards golf clubs and national federations and is to be strengthened in the years to come.

At this time, the biggest challenge facing the All Square management is to encourage regular members’ activity, a good reason to constantly improve the platform in accordance to their preferences and needs, adapting to different cultures and keeping pace with new technologies.


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