Srixon ZX Series Woods & Irons, Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedges

It’s an exciting time in the golf equipment world with Srixon releasing its brand new ZX Series range of woods and irons, while Cleveland has revealed its new RTX ZipCore wedges. Let’s take a closer look.

ZX Series Woods

Srixon‘s new ZX5 and ZX7 woods create more distance and speed off the tee due to their new Rebound Frame Technology. This works by layering alternating zones of flexibility and stiffness that work together to focus more energy into the ball at impact.

Both models feature a strong but lightweight carbon crown that is 15% larger than on previous driver iterations. This new crown redirects mass low and deep and around the perimeter which increases MOI and forgiveness.

The ZX5 has a larger footprint and flattened shape, with a single weight placed low and deep for long and straight drives. The ZX7 delivers control with an adjustable hosel and two swappable rear weights to give golfers their desired launch conditions.

ZX Series Irons

Srixon‘s new ZX5 and ZX7 irons are accompanied by a new utility iron, the ZX Utility. The ZX5 irons are for golfers looking for forgiveness and explosive distance whilst still retaining the balance brought by a soft feel, while the ZX7 is more of a ‘true players iron’ which looks and feels like a blade.

The key technological feature of the ZX5 and ZX Utility is MainFrame, a variable thickness pattern made up of grooves, channels, and cavities milled into the backside of each club head. This increases face flex and ball speed.

The ZX7 irons feature Tour Cavity, which repositions mass to the sweet spot and perimeter providing a soft feel at impact and increased workability. Grooves in the 8 iron down to the PW on both the ZX5 and ZX7 irons are sharper, narrower and deeper for more spin and stopping power.

ZX Utility Iron

Srixon’s new ZX Utility is thinner, smaller and more blade-like than its other driving irons. It offers forgiveness thanks to tungsten weighting added to the base of the club head, which lowers the centre of gravity for higher launch, along with a forged SUP10 face for speed and distance.

It’s the ideal replacement for long irons and perfect for tight fairways and windy days, and Srixon has designed this club to blend easily in terms of look and feel with both the ZX5 and ZX7 irons.

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedges

For their new RTX ZipCore wedges, Cleveland tore its flagship RTX wedge down to its core and rebuilt it from the inside out, by replacing heavy steel with a lightweight core – ZipCore. ZipCore is a low-density material which focuses the centre of gravity and improves speed, distance, feel and control.

These wedges also feature new UltiZip Grooves, which are sharper, deeper, and closer together for better ball contact. The lifespan of the grooves has also been made longer thanks to a brand new heat treatment during manufacturing. Cleveland offers Golf Pride‘s Tour Velvet 360 grip as standard as well as the new True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner Tour shaft. You can choose a full, mid or low sole grind, and there’s three head finishes.

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3 years ago

No doubt Srixon always provides values with new designs in this golf equipment world and personally loves the ZX series woods and irons. Thanks author for such valuable information, I appreciate your efforts.

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