TaylorMade P770, P7MB, P7MC Irons, SIM DHY & SIM UDI

TaylorMade have launched their brand new range of irons, hybrid and driving iron. If you’re thinking of investing in some new clubs, these could be perfect for your game. Let’s take a closer look.

P770 Irons

TaylorMade‘s brand new P770 irons are forged cavity back models for players who want a blade style head. They have all the technology that made their P790s such a success, but with a more compact players’ shape. Like its sibling P790s, the P770s are built for explosive power and forgiveness and are designed to be playable for a wide range of golfers.

The P770 has a thinner topline, less offset and shorter blade length than the P790. They have a forged hollow body construction consisting of a thin, wrap-around forged 4140 steel face, soft carbon steel body, and up to 46g of tungsten weighting. The club heads are injected with SpeedFoam™, an ultra-light urethane foam to improve face speed and feel.

They also feature a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ to maximize ball speeds and provide forgiveness, and Inverted Cone Technology improves accuracy and protects off-centre ball speed, while each face is uniquely designed to optimize performance for the specific iron.

P7MB Irons

These muscle back irons have been crafted to give good ball strikers the purest feeling iron possible, and a thin topline, minimal offset and narrow sole create a minimalist profile that will appeal to purists.

P7MB irons are made using Compact Grain Forging™ for solid and consistent feel, and have machined face and grooves for exacting shot making. They are a blend of traditional muscle back iron performance with a contemporary look and design, with a precise CG (centre of gravity) placement for optimal performance.

P7MC Irons

Like the P7MB muscle back irons, these muscle cavity irons have been designed for pure feel. P7MC‘s classic shaping and minimal offset deliver the ultimate in control and precision, and perimeter weighting gives them a touch of forgiveness.

Advanced machine milling ensures precision, quality and aesthetics, and aggressively crafted grooves deliver spin and control. The forged cavity back pattern pays tribute to TaylorMade’s history of iron design with a polished ‘Metal-T’ forged on the back of the toe.


This driving hybrid provides power, precision and forgiveness and occupies the space between your longest playable iron and shortest fairway wood. SIM DHY provide an easier-to-hit alternative to long irons with enough power to attack off the tee. A wide sole means you can play it off the tee, the fairway and from difficult lies.

They are engineered with a hollow body construction that allows for a low and deep CG placement, providing easy launch with a mid-high trajectory, and SpeedFoam™ and a forged C300 steel face delivers fast ball speeds while maintaining feel. Inverted Cone Technology enhances the sweet spot, and loft and lie can be adjusted +/- 2 degrees to accommodate all swings.


This driving iron also fills the space between your longest playable iron and shortest fairway wood. They have the versatility to take on long approach shots and to attack off the tee. SIM UDI can complement your fairway woods, rescues or long irons. A straighter leading edge and a moderate sole width improves turf interaction, while minimal offset and a thinner topline gives players confidence at address.

Like the SIM DHY, these clubs combine a forged C300 face, SpeedFoam™ within a hollow body and a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ for speed and feel. Inverted Cone Technology provides a wide sweet spot, and loft and lie can be adjusted +/- 2 degrees.

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