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The use of technology in golf is growing, this is obviously something we at All Square are delighted with, and this is a facet of the game that will undoubtedly continue to expand. As club golfers gain access to more data like players on tour they can see what skills they need to improve on to become better golfers.

One company who are looking to become market leaders in this are Arccos. Founded by childhood friends Sal Syed and Ammad Faisal, this brand aim to empower golfers with comprehensive data about their game. After doing an MBA at Yale Business School, Syed called on Faisal to build the company allowing them to combine their two greatest passions, technology and golf. Arccos was born.

The Concept

The system is wonderfully simple for the golfer. In your Arccos 360 kit you get 13 standard sensors and a specialised putter sensor. These very discrete detectors attach to the butt of the club then, once you’ve downloaded the free Arccos app, you’re good to go!

When you’re out on the course the system is fully-automated. You simply select the course you’re on and then play golf as normal. The system knows where you are on the course and what club you’re using without any input from you. This means two things, no disruption to your game and more importantly no hiding from the data.

Now in the second generation of the product, the Arccos system provides the golfer with enhanced shot detection, live shot tracking, improved GPS and tour-level data. The second-generation detectors are 50% lighter and have a much smaller profile than the original equivalents. This is a testament to the company’s dedication to refinement and improvement.

Other Products

Arccos Driver

Along with the Arccos 360 kit there is also the Arccos Driver system. This is a single detector kit goes into your driver so you can track your stats from the tee. This data will tell you if you tend to miss to a particular side. There is a more fun use too though. You can impress your friends with your numbers and, with global competitions on the platform, you can take your stats to an international stage.

Cobra Connect

Another great step in the company’s development is their new partnership with Cobra. All Cobra King F7, King F7+ and King LTD Black drivers now come with an in-built detector. By downloading the free-app the golfer can get all the data available to those using the Arccos Driver product. You also gain access to exclusive content from Cobra tour pros and coaches!

Arccos continues to grow as a company and develop their products. They have a great team of passionate engineers, scientists and golfers who strive to improve the system. With Arccos you have everything you need to see your strengths and weaknesses or you can show your friends just how good your game is. This is a platform that is both incredibly useful and a lot of fun. It will be exciting to see where Arccos take the product next.

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